WTS: Lumintop FW21 Pro (SST40, 5000k)

WTS: Lumintop FW21 Pro (SST40, 5000k). Includes Samsung 40T 21700 battery & clip. Asking $65, shipped, PayPal.

Timestamp from today, 8-26-22: https://i.imgur.com/4DKQzTE.jpg






​[SOLD] Astrolux MF01S (SST20, 4000k). Good condition. Original box; no batteries. Asking $90, PayPal G&S. [SOLD]

I may be interested in trades, but I could use some extra money right now, being that I recently dropped my cell phone and cracked the screen, then, bought a new/used phone, only to end up dropping it out of my car’s window, on to the highway, while driving around 45-55 MPH, and shattering the screen on it, about a week later.

As for potential trades, which could includes partial-trades that would also include some cash, here are some flashlights that I might be interested in trading for: ThruNite TC20, T2, or Catapult Pro.

Sorry for the long post. Feel free to let me know, if interested. Thank you.