WTS: Manker E02, Manker E03, Klarus Mi7 (UK/EU, PayPal) - SOLD

Here goes my first sale :blush:

The lights are a few months old and have been sat in their boxes 99% of the time. Never pocketed, dropped, taken outside etc.

Prices shipped to the UK (tracked and signed). EU shipping is more expensive so prices below are for standard delivery (add £6 for tracked and signed).

  • Manker E02 SOLD
  • Manker E03H SOLD
  • Klarus Mi7 SOLD

Come boxed with all the original and unused accessories (headband, o-rings, lanyards etc).

UK/EU and PayPal only. Buyer pays fees.

Photos below. Click to enlarge. Imgur album here . Please excuse my photography “skills”.

Group shot (forgot to include the Mi7 accessories)

Manker E02 - Grey - 219C 4000K

Manker E03 - Black - 219C 4000K

Both have tiny marks on the magnetic bottoms, some were present straight out of the box but a few are from testing. Other than that they are flawless.

Klarus Mi7 - Olive Drab - XPL-HI

The Mi7 has a very small blemish on the head from opening up for an emitter swap. It can only be felt with a nail and not in general use. The threads had a generous application of glue, which has been removed and threads cleaned. From the factory, they only come with a very cool white XPL-HI. I’ve reflowed an XPL-HI 5A3 (4000K) from KD. Note part of the white stuff of the emitter (don’t know what the technical term is!) is damaged but tint and beam are unaffected. If desired, I can reflow either the original emitter or a 4000K 219C from KD.

I’m no djozz or maukka so take the following phone beamshots as you will. They look pretty accurate to me though! WB set to 4000K.

Left E02 219C 4000K, Right E03H 219C 4000K

Mi7 XPL-HI 5A3 (4000K)

Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:


Price drop.

@hodor message sent

Thanks for the Mi7. Works great, looks great and delivers lots of pleasure. Take care hodor!

Just wanted to say thanks for a great deal. Mankers arrived safe and sound in good order as described. Taken to guide camp by my wife and kids who used them all week and found them very useful. Cheers.