WTS Mint Niwalker MM15vn stage 0, Over 5000 Lumens $165 *SOLD*

This is a MM15vn (bought from Vinh on CPF with stage 0 tweaks(carrier mods - jumper wires on the contacts). Over 5000 lumens. It’s not engraved by Vinh but the box is signed. It has no flaws on the light, only the box has a couple of minor shipping marks. I really don’t want to sell this, but I want to finance something else from Vinh. $165 shipped in the US only, and PayPal is preferred. First “I’ll take it” gets it. Hurry before I change my mind, this is really a stellar light, but I want a new toy. More photos and perfect long term ebay feedback available upon request, since I’m new here. I also have perfect feedback on AR15.com under the same user name, if anyone needs to check references.

Any photos?

Final price reduction to $165.