WTS noctigon M43 Meteor

Fairly good condition just need some extra money right now. Xpl 4885k 7450lm $105 shipped with 4xLG 3000mah battrries.

I’ll take it if it is XPL-Hi 5000k!

Okay I’ll PM you my paypal and I’ll have it shipped tomorrow.

Offered to sold in Nine Minutes!

Extra Cash RIGHT NOW!

Still available

I will take it, but I do PayPal only.
AND it must have a holster.
Send me your address.

Catfish1993 with a curly ‘a’ shaped thing followed by outlook DOT com
I do believe I have the holster.
If payment is sent tonight I will ship the light in the morning.

Sent $105
I think you should have put the address in a private message.

@DIPSTIX: You might get spam emails if you leave your email address in the public.

Yep. Remove it asap, just in case.

Thank you for the advice