WTS: Olight s2r baton ii titanium, modded by ArtieT

[WTS] modded (by the one and only ArtieT) - Olight S2R Baton II Titanium; dedomed 519a sm303 with 15 degree optic


comes with original box and all original accessories and battery. not many others out there like this one…

hate to part with this; ArtieT does amazing work - it just doesnt get much pocket time and i’m trying to save up for a McGizmo :slight_smile:

looking for $120 + shipping (paypal G&S add appropriate fee amount)

You mean Artiet, right? :smiley:

his BLF handle is actually ArtieT59, or on Reddit and youtube his handle is Artiet59.

In all cases he is a real Artiste! and his mods are extremely well done.

Anyone wanting an Olight mod, cannot do much better. Highly recommend his work.

The man the myth the legend

The one and only



He used to be Artiet59 then changed his name to ArtieT59.
Not that it matters, it was a creative way for me to bump your thread :wink:

I appreciate it; will take all the bumps I can get!