[WTS] Rovyvon A8, Skilhunt H04, D1, Wurkkos TS30S, DM1.12, EC06, K1

All lights come with all original packaging and accessories unless otherwise noted. Can include batteries for an additional fee; just ask

Rovyvon Aurora A8 USB-C - $40 shipped

  • SST-20 6500K w/ UV + White + Red Side lights
  • Carried daily for a few months; some dings on the bezel
  • Can install DC-Fix on the main emitter to smooth out the beam on request.
  • https://imgur.com/8WLMVNZ.jpg

2 x Skilhunt H04 - $40 each shipped

Emisar D1V2 GT-FC40 - $45 shipped

Wurkkos TS30S - $60 shipped

  • Stock SBT90.2
  • Upgraded to AR lens (will include stock lens on request)
  • Upgraded to Anduril 2 (this was pretty hard, actually, and is why the price is higher than new)
  • https://imgur.com/RPuXVbL.jpg

Noctigon DM1.12 - $155 shipped

  • Center: W2, Outer: W2
  • Stone White, Cool White Button
  • Includes 26800 Tube
  • Currently has most of the outer optics removed along with a layer of #3 to make it blend nicely between flood and throw; can return to stock if desired.
  • https://imgur.com/AEoiTUQ.jpg

Astrolux EC06 - $80 shipped

  • Swapped to XHP50.2 5000K LEDs from stock 6500K LEDs (same ones that are available on the Q8 Plus)
  • Upgraded to AR lens (will include stock lens on request)
  • Upgraded to latest version of Anduril 2
  • From what I hear, the original EC06 performs better than the Q8 Plus, but I could be wrong
  • https://imgur.com/9QhjvN2.jpg

Noctigon K1 - $100 shipped