WTS : Several Flashlights for sale AA/AAA

Selling several flashlights, couple knives. Need the money for a few other projects. All lights are in very good condition, some like new condition and were only tested to make sure they worked and stored away. Some may have shelf wear.

Some flashlights may include eneloop batteries. I have them labeled with a small number for tracking. Ill see if i can remove it before sending out. Ill also try to charge up the battery before sending everything out. I have the individual eneloop charger that came with the batteries.

Ill cover paypal fees and shipping. US only please.

$25 - Olight i3S EOS
$25 - Fenix E05
$20 - Rayus C01 Nichia
$18 - Rayus C01
$25 - Inova XS
$35 - Thrunite T10
$34 - xtar WK41
$40 - Inova X2
$15 - Tank007 PA01
$15 - Coast G19
$34 - L10C
$42 - Nitecore MT2A
$42 - Nitecore MT21a
$16 - Astrolux A01
$60 - Nitecore EA41
$15 - Mini maglite LED AAA - (EACH)
$30 - Buck Mini Spitfire
$33 - Kershaw Cryo Tanto Blackwash

Olight i3S EOS (AAA) - user manual, o-ring x2, keychain, eneloop battery. Slight wear to the pocket clip

Fenix E05 (AAA) - user manual, warranty card, eneloop battery. Package is ripped open.

Rayus C01-Nichia 219 B11 (AAA) - user manual, o-ring x1, keyring, eneloop battery

Rayus C01 (AAA) - eneloop battery

Inova XS (AAA) - Lanyard, Nite-ize s-biner, eneloop battery

Thrunite T10 NW (AA) - user manual, clip, o-ring x1, screws x4, wrench, eneloop battery

xtar WK41(AA) - user manual, lanyard, o-ring x1, eneloop battery

Inova X2 (AA)- Energizer ultimate Lithium batteries x2

Tank007 PA01 (AAA)- user manual, o-ring x2, eneloop battery

Coast G19(AAA) - eneloop battery

L10C (AA) - o-ring x1, keyring x1, eneloop battery ( picture shows 2 o-rings. I put one on the front head that was missing)

Nitecore MT2A (AA)- user manual, lanyard, o-ring x2, rubber boot, clip, eneloop battery x2

Nitecore MT21a (AA)- user manual, layard, o-ring x2, rubber boot, eneloop battery x2

Astrolux A01 (AAA) - o-ring x1, keyring, eneloop battery

Nitecore EA41 (AA)- user manual, holster, lanyard, o-ring x1, energizer rechargeable battery x4

Mini maglite led (AAA) - energizer ultimate lithium x2. Flashlights Sold Separately

Buck Mini Spitfire

Kershaw Cryo Tanto Blackwash