WTS: (Singapore) FF4, Black Shadow Terminator U2, Trustfire TR-3T6, Olight i3S, Trustfire Z8, and many smaller lights

This thread is for Singapore buyers only, prices are in SGD.

I might want to sell off some of my old purchases since they are just idle in storage. This move of putting them up for sale might give them a brighter side (pun intended) of life.

If you would like any of them, kindly send me a PM, and we’ll discuss further.

Following are the lights:

SGD$120 Black Shadow Terminator U2 Cool White (comes with 4 * Panasonic NCR18650 2900mAh)

SGD$25 Trustfire TR-3T6

SGD$30 FLEX Asgard XM-L2 (bluetooth light!)

SGD$5 Uniquefire UF-T20 (not really working)

SGD$15 Trustfire Mini-01 (BLF Mini)

SGD$10 Trustfire Z8

SGD$5 Sipik SK68
SGD$10 Tank007 E09
SGD$10 Maglite Solitaire (Black)
SGD$10 Explorer E61
SGD$10 Olight i3S (Black)

The following lights have been sold or given away! Thank you!
SGD$ Fandyfire UV-S5
-SGD$240 Fire-Foxes FF4 HID (comes with 4 * NCR18650PD 2900mAh and 67mm lens cap-)

SGD$15 Fandyfire HD2010 (Grey)
-SGD$10 Jacob A60
SGD$ Fandyfire HD2010 (Black)
-SGD$ Roche F12 Desert Yellow T6-3C
-SGD$ Convoy S3 Cree XM-L U2-1B

-SGD$15 TLF Trustfire Mini-02 CW

-SGD$10 ThruNite Saber 1A BLF Edition

-SGD$15 Preon P0 (Stainless Steel) (no longer in production, now it’s called Atom A0-)

SGD$15 Nitecore SENS Mini (CR2) (comes with 2 * UltraFire TR 15270 800mAh 3.0V I bought to use with it)
SGD$10 eGear TITANIUM Pico Keychain Flashlight
SGD$10 LED Lenser K1L
SGD$10 Streamlight Nano (Black)

Hoping to find new owners for these~

Up for awareness~ :slight_smile:

Put prices up that’ll help.

I’m not from sg but my friend goes there sometimes. If they’re good prices I’ll get some.

Have put up some prices

Ill take the Tr 3T6. Oh wait singapore buyers only? Nevermind then I guess.

Prefer Singapore buyers

Up for more awareness~

Hi. Sent you pm.

Thank you for all the purchases! Bumps! :slight_smile:

Nice friendly chap …

Deal with confidence!

Thank you for your great support! Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Wow we have the same join date!

Black Shadow Terminator has been reserved! But that doesn’t stop higher offers coming in!