WTS: Small Sun – ZY-T08 Best of both worlds

For sale:
Heavily modified Small Sun ZY-T08, asking $120 shipped (just to cover build expenses) with tracking to Europe and USA. For other countries or continents I’ll have to check shipping prices. I’ll even include this holster https://www.fasttech.com/p/1330400
Condition is 9.7/10. This one is a monster flooder/thrower and it is pushing 11A trough triple XP-L HI using 25R’s.
It is barely used, maybe one set of batteries. You can run this flashlight pretty hard, heatsinking is superb, very hard to overheat.
Everything else is explained in my very detailed mod thread.
Small Sun – ZY-T08 Best of both worlds (beamshots uploaded)
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask

That is a beautifully done mod. Would love to have it but funds dont agree

Good luck with the sale

really enjoyed looking thru the mod thread. I didn’t see any specs for the tint, or lumen output? Thank you.

Very good work, I think that by the time I have drunk this glass of wine, I might not be able to resist sending you a PM :slight_smile:

Looks like that wine decided :laughing: .

Flashlight sold.

Hope we will see another one soon :innocent: ?

I don’t know kiriba, maybe in near future. Kinda lost my mojo for flashlights :frowning: .

Most of us at one point have taken a step back from the hobby only to come back a while later.
Obviously you have talent for modding. I sure hope you get back to it again.

Your builds were all gorgeous! And very well documented. Thanks for showing us how perfection looks like in flashlight modding.

Well said, thanks

Thanks for your kind words djozz, if I find the time I’ll upload those build photos in my threads.

When I saw the price of $120 for a $22 light I thought to myself this guy is crazy, then I saw the build thread. Most awesome T08 I have ever seen and well worth the $120 if not more. Excellent build my friend.

More than worth it, thing is a work of art with all of the hand crafted, and hand polished parts

I don’t agree it’s worth much more.

I find the build totally awesome. No more no less, it truly love it.

But we don’t know how does it perform. And I suspect a cheaper-but-larger HT09R with XHP35 HI would totally thrash it. And I suspect ZY-T08 with dedomed XHP70.2 would beat it too. And most XHP70 throwers would beat it too.
This build is custom. This build it unique. This build is superbly done.
And I think these are what makes it much more valuable than performance, for some buyers. I suspect (and hope!) you’ll be able sell this light. But I think a large price hike would be a risky bet.

It’s already sold

$120 was a bargain for the work that went into this.

Hopefully Cula’s flashlight mojo returns for another fantastic mod :beer:

It was simply the attention to detail that sold me this light. Really looking forward to holding this light :slight_smile:
Thank you Cula for all those hours of labour that you have put into this, take a break and hope you return with renewed energy to create more masterpieces:)

Thanks to all of you guys again :beer: .

About performance….
I don’t have a way to measure its performance but that is not important to me. Other things matter to me, for instance, its usability.
I guess it performs like any other flashlight with triple XP-L HI and 25.5mm x 25mm reflectors, pushing about 3.5 Amps trough each one of those emitters.
This flashlight can handle heat without breaking a sweat, throws about as far as I can see with my worn out eyes and spills wide enough for me to see everything around me. It is a very usable everyday flashlight, something that is easily forgotten with all those monster flashlights on the market today. It is safe with parallel battery configuration, relatively easy to carry and you can even use it with one 18650 battery. Very hard to compare this ZY-T08 with other flashlights, mainly because there are no many similar flashlights on the market today regarding electronics, reflectors, dimensions, battery configuration… This is my simple attempt to push those little emitters to throw as much as they can and spill as much as they can inside this body and not to worry about overheating it. I also wanted it to look good :slight_smile: .
That’s about it.

Sadly, most photos in other Cula’s mod threads have dissapeared…
We need to fix this problem somehow…I dont think that server place is so expensive that we cant load attachments (at least small thumbs) directly on server.

Tell me about it! I’ve been lurking here for about a year or so and finally joined. I can’t catch up on the years of blood sweat and tears people put in because of the whole stupid Photobucket debacle. Do they not realize they are pissing off the entire culture of internet blogs, forums etc? They are certainly not improving their company image!

In short, it sucks to see all these “please upgrade your account” blah blah blah messages in otherwise wonderful build threads.