WTS Sofirn Q8 Pro & Astrolux FT03 & others...

I am looking to sell the lot listed below. All are mint. All come with original batteries.
Asking $100 total, OBO shipped. Please PM me if interested. PayPal Friend to Friend.

Sofirn Q8 Pro 6500K with Sofirn batteries and case.
Astrolux FT03 6500K with Liitokala battery and case.
Wurkkos TS21 5000K with Wurkkos battery.
Sofirn IF22A with Sofirn battery.

I do have photos of the four items as well as the batteries. I’m just not smart enough to figure out how to post them on here.

The Q8 Pro and Astrolux both come with OEM cases.

I will take this lot …pm incoming

Sold! Thanks everyone.

If the deal happens to fall through, I would definitely be interested in it. Feel free to let me know, if the buyer changes their mind. :slight_smile:

Seller was the best to work with . A+