WTS : **** SOLD **** Sportac Triple Nichia Surefire Drop In With - Surefire 6P!.

Eagtac Sportac nichia 219 triple SF drop in , in a Surefire 6P host!.

The drop in was Used for around 90 mins in total to check my aircraft before take offs, and it did one hell of a great colourful job too!.
I had copper tape wrapped around it for way better heat dissipation.

A very Different, vibrant bright white pinky tint waking those colours right up!.
Used in a Surefire 6P which I fitted a UCL lens & McClicky switch!, some wear to the tail & bezel. oopps,…dropped once waist height onto Tarmac / bezel.

not really looking to split.

Ok, so £40 shipped 2nd Recorded!?.
message me!.

UK only.

Kind thanks , good day.

Thank you redforestUK
Thank you BLF!.