WTS SOLD!! thanks guys BLF rules!

Hi, these lights I just don’t use and want to move them on to someone to enjoy.
Some have faults that I will mention, as I am not good at fixing them - you may be, or know someone that does tinker.
Due to costs of postage these days and mucking around with multiple trips to the PO, I want to sell these all as one package - you could split it with a mate to make it cheaper.

None come with boxes or extras, what you see is what you get, I’ll throw in any clips etc that I find.

1x FF E07 Copper with SST20 4000k - looks and works as per new.

1x FF E07 Titanium/Copper (has copper coated titanium bezel) with SST20 4000k - works as new - just some wear marks on clear coat on the copper heat sink.

1x FF Brass with mixed tint, 4x SST20 4000k and 3x XPL Hi 5000k - IMO has a real nice neutral tint but I think the driver doesn’t like the difference in led requirements, ramping works but wont turn off so you have to unscrew the tail cap - so needs fixing.

1x blue Emisar DT8 with a nice neutral XPL Hi 5000k tint (to my eyes has no green :confounded: ) such a super hot rod! - has raised switch, blue back light on switch, blue Aux lights - has wear marks as it has been a user but works as new.

1x Nightwatch Stalker NI40 with SBT90 (takes 26650 batteries), no marks what a ripper of a thrower for it’s size and brilliant fins for cooling.

1x BLF GT in mint condition - has HXP35 Hi - but I’ll include a HXP70 upgrade kit you can install.

1x Manker MK34vn with Nichia 219c (I think from memory its neutral/warm) I can’t remember if it has VN2 or Anduril driver. Other than the switch needs fixing or replacing, it does work and is in good condition.

1x MicroFire Excalibur PL20 - everything works as it’s meant to. My thoughts are if you were handy and could swap out the led to a W1 and whack a Wavien collar, it would rock!

1x Olight M2R pro - as new condition - Camo green.

1x Olight Warrior X Pro Green - has wear marks but works as new.

1x Emisar D18vn has Anduril and 18x W1’s that does 180Klux and I think somewhere around 8-9K lumens (was not cheap) minor marks on tail cap.I have put some -green filter on it that takes the pure white glare away.

1x Jetbeam Jet-RRT01 with 2x battery extenders to use 18650 batteries.

1x Lumintop X9L SBT90.

1x Convoy 4X18Avn with VNX2 well driven to 5000+ lumens with 340Klux

$500 delivered to your door, no batteries included except for the internal ones in the microfire.

Hmm had to remove the Rott66 as the wife wanted it back :person_facepalming: - so adjusted the price to $500 to try move it on.


Would you consider splitting up sale?

im interest in blue Emisar DT8 depending on price.

Is the Microfire PL20 the R (rechargeable) version?

In the photo it shows sort of charging system AND also the original OEM case.

No, just as a package sorry.

The PL20 has a built in battery pack (think it has at least 6x 18650’s) + external charger.

Just checked the PL20 has a 100-240v charger that puts out 12.6v at 3A.
Also comes with a Car Cigarette Charger, input 9-13.2v — Output 7-14v DC at 2A.

In that case it’s the PL20R, a newer, more expensive model.

Yes was about $800.

Yay! I’m starting to get some interest on these. keep PM’ing me guys :0)
If these don’t sell in the next few days and if I get time I will clean and dust them a take better pix as IMO they look better in real life - I was just lazy.
Then when they sparkle you will see how good a deal you could get @ $35:71 a piece :0)

Funds sent per PM

Again Wow! this is package is SOLD - they are going to a good home now.
Thanks all for looking.