WTS: some lights

I need to get rid of a lot of my flashlights. Here is the first batch.
Hope the prices are bargain. I am open to negotiations. Shipment to the EU included in the price.


DQG Tiny 26650 gray, nw leds, no orings (I received a flashlight with dry and cracked O-rings. Unfortunately, I have no match.) $30-
Convoy M2 quad xp-l hi V2 3A (leds removed from D4), 10621, TA fet+6+1 bistroHD, springs bypassed - $40
Convoy S6 triple 319A 5000k cri80, 10507, TA fet+6+1 bistroHD with custom modegroups, springs bypassed. This is my first triple lamp I made - $30
Convoy S2+ triple sst20 J5 FD2, 10511, TA fet+6+1 bistroHD with custom modegroups, dual springs on the tail. Mcpcb soldered on copper solid triple pill. Fireball red turboglow included. $40-
Acebeam TK16 copper with osram leds. The box doesn’t look the newest, but the flashlight itself is even intact $40-
Surefire Centurion C2 new in the box $160-
D80v2 bare non-anodized, sst40 new in the box $30-
Wuben TO46R with hi cri xp-g3 leds (The one from the group buy) $25-
Wuben TO46R with 219c 5000k cri90, Used, usual signs of use are visible $20-
Haikelite SC26 green host. Host because the driver has stopped working. I can include TA fet+1 $ make your offer-
Convoy X3 with 3V xhp50.2 K2 2A, TA fet+6+1 bistroHD - $25

The last three flashlights from the gallery can be purchased at any price - make your own offer.

I’ll take the Acebeam TK16 Copper

I’ll take the D80v2 please

Shipping to US? if so I’m interested in both convoy triples.

What light is this?

It’s Convoy AAA stainless steel. It probably doesn’t have a specific name.
This one is 5000k.

What is shipping to the USA?

Might be interested in a convoy triple and the convoy ss aaa

Interested in the DQG 26650 and the copper bullet light, but worried the shipping to the US may break it for me, let me know what you think? Thank you

USPS does not track small shipments. Whenever I sent, the tracking ends with “Sent from Poland”.
I have already shipped to many US users and only one person has not received the package.
The cheapest option is $8, the next one (which shouldn’t be problematic) is $19.

If someone does not get the package, I will refund the money.
This is also the reason why I don’t want to risk.
Sorry guys :frowning:

Ok - just pm me if you change ur mind.

Would you do $34 for the DQG shipped to the US?


Interest on triple S2+

10 minutes too late :confused:

Sorry to ask, but do you know if your Convoy S6 can be used with the short tubes from Astrolux S1/BLF A6?

Mine doesn’t, and in case yours can be used with that short tube, I will gladly take it. (For me it was a bummer when I received mine and it didn’t fit :zipper_mouth_face: )

I don’t know if I have a tube to check it. I’ll have a look in the afternoon.

I appreciate :slight_smile:

So I can’t find a spare short tube from my S41.
But I found a short tube for the Eagle Eye X2R. It fits, but doesn’t make contact (more than sure from the head side).
In addition, the battery fits very tightly, but it will probably be enough to replace the (tail) spring with a softer/shorter one.


Thanks for checking it and for the photos.
I guess it would be a “blind shot” to get the light and not being able to do what I intended.
Hope you understand and hopefully someone will pick that great light :wink:

Thanks again and sorry for the trouble!

No problem :slight_smile: