WTS Stainless Bead-Blasted Olight TC15 SS and DQG AA -OLIGHT SOLD-

Hi guys,

Here are a couple of unique offerings for sale, both bead-blasted with garnet for a matte titanium-like finish.

First up is the Olight TC15 SS. This is a very sturdy XP-G S2 light that takes a single AA or 14500, and comes with all accessories.



(Pic courtesy of ShiningBeam)


Here's everything it comes with, and nothing it doesn't:



I carried this one for around a week, so there are a few small rub marks, as per this pic:

Overall, this light is in very good shape with no dings or drops, and would be a great addition to your collection.

Price is $30 USD, plus shipping


Next is the discontinued DQG AA light, in stainless. This one is the version with the magnet in the tail, and received a bit different treatment:

Light is in excellent shape, with no rubs, scratches, or dings.

$25 USD, plus shipping.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for looking !

These look great; I like the T15’s solitary band of stainless as it ushers the eye toward a focal ‘band.’
Now I look away because these shouldn’t last long.

Thanks very much !

I thought it added a nice detail.

Wow! Great looking lights!

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Have a look.

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