WTS (US only) EagleEye X6 Quad Osram "Boost HX" White Flat 2.1, TIR optics, AL spacer, Bistro

$110 shipped, US only (add 3% for G&S)

Fully modded Eagle Eye X6 with throw AND lemons. The large aluminum spacer allows extended turbo use unlike most modern hot rods. This is a user not a white wall hunter. LED die is rectangular and LEDs arranged in offset circular pattern. The hotspot and spill is round but almost looks like a hurricane shape only noticeable under 10ft on low.

LEDs: Osram White Flat 2.1 4040 Boost HX
Driver: MTN-17DDm (w/ Bistro firmware)
Optics: Ledil Angie
Lens: UCLp AR lens

~4470lm @ 3s
5500K CCT

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price dropped