astrolux ft03 mini sfs80 - practically new, never carried, its blue

FIREFLIES PL09mu - 9x Nichia E21A R9080 CRI98 Max 2200lumens; basically brand new, carried on 1-2 dog walks…got a mule thinking i’d have more use for it - i already can tell itll be a ‘shelf queen’

also have some older maratac aa/aaa lights, including a right angle stainless steel aaa maratac that i would be interested in parting with as part of the right deal…

looking for:

Noctigon K1
large thrower ?
something gathering dust on your shelf?

let me know and i can send pics / proof of ownership; and of course, willing to add $$ in order to make sure trades are even

Whats the straight cash price / $ trade value on the mule?

trade value around $60ish i think is reasonable; have original box and extra o-rings, etc

hope to trade before sell though if possible, and if you have something more valuable trade-wise i would make up the difference in $$