Selling some lights…

Nealsgadgets LEP 1800m laser thrower - £110 NO LONGER FOR SALE - Probably has had 30 mins of total use. Haven’t provided a pic but looks new. Can provide shockli 5500 button cell which has had little use for £8 more.

Fireflies E07 Sand Ice blue aux XPL HI 5000K - £45 SOLD - NEW, used once - Can provide slightly used 40T cell for £6 more. I noticed that the bezel is a bit shorter than my old one which makes it look nicer IMO. Comes with all original accessories. The finish isn’t perfect but that’s just how fireflies is.

Astrolux FT03S SBT90.2 & 40T cell - £65 SOLD - Like new - 380-410Kcd at 20 seconds (SST40 is 250Kcd). Paintwork on Mateminco lights is pretty inconsistent but luckily mine is a perfect saturated blue.

Fireflies E07 XPL HI 5000K, 40T Cell - £35 SOLD Bought used about three months ago. Has some scratches. Does not come with pocket clip, box, accessories. It has been modded to accept longer cells. Original owner said it was purchased Oct 2019.

Sofirn SP33 v3 - £18 SOLD - Bought a few months ago. Did some indoor testing and that’s it. Somehow Managed to make a small mark on the knurling which can be seen in the pic.

Astrolux EC01 5000K, P42A cell & convoy clip - £22 SOLD - bought a few months ago. Did some testing / used a couple times indoors - pretty much new

Lumintop EDC Pico - £11 SOLD - used once

Olight i3E - £8 SOLD used for a few seconds, put back in box

Massdrop/Lumintop copper AAA XP-G3 - £13 SOLD - used once, opened a couple months ago so there’s some oxidation


UK: £3

International: contact for price, cannot send batteries.

If that Massdrop AAA has a l-m-h mode order i’d like it please!

It does! Check your PM!


SP33 & EC01 are tempting, which would you say has the better beam?

They both have the same reflector. The EC01 is slightly warmer and rosier but also has more tint shift. There’s a small yellow spot in the middle of the hotspot which the SP33 doesn’t have. Both have the typical cree multi die tint shift.

Thanks for the info.

Just noticed the EC01 comes with a P42A cell, very good value as these batteries are not cheap here in the UK.

I’ll take the EC01 - Please PM with PayPal details.

Thanks :+1:

PS. Are you planning on selling any additional lights?

Hi im interested in the FT03S & the SP33 please thank you…im in the UK…

Please can you send PayPal details

:beer: US mail delivered the Royal Mail today. Thank you! :+1: :beer:

Added Fireflies E07 XPL sand!

E07 sand Price drop!

Another small price drop!

Price drop / NEW light added!

Is the lep light the one with the oled little screen ?

Sent PM about the Fireflies E07 Sand Ice blue aux XPL HI 5000K!