[WTT]3.25x3.25" heatsink with 80mm fan

came from a peltier module from a wine cooler.

About 3.25x3.25 and I will include a 80mm fan which is about perfect size for this heatsink. This one also had about a 12mm high pedestal with what looks like a temperature probe in it as seen in the pics. Not sure how you would get data from the sensor though.

great for emitter testing i would imagine. drill and tap two holes on the flat machined area

make me a trade offer. pics in next post.

i may or may not keep this one. put some thought into it, and i may get a pc fan controller with temp displayand make an active cooled emitter test station

Already got one interest in this. Just incase that don't go, a bump

I also have the smaller heatsink from the cold side. It has a temperature probe in it. I am not sure how you would read the data from the probe. I was planning on keeping one, but if interested in the smaller heatsink, make an offer. It is about the size of a deck of cards.

I will post pics of that one tomorrow

updated OP with another heatsink from the same salvage.

make an offer


larger one with two 120mm fans traded off for 4 bare xml2 t6 emitters.

may or may not keep this second one. open to offers though


guys, not looking for large items for this. took 4 bare xml2 t6 for the large one. just looking for something about equivalent to the shipping cost for this.

right now i would actually like a few bare p60 drop ins. maybe 1 op 1 smo reflector, and maybe 3 or 4 pills. but open to anything that i can use

What size is the raised pad, 40x40mm? I wonder if it would be beefy enough to handle a 50w LED desk lamp I'm working on...

it is actually closer to 41x41. and it is raised by about 14mm. give or take a fraction.

edit: according to a PSU calculator, just my processor uses 34 watts, and my cpu heatsink is about a third of the size of this one, give or take. but i really do not know much about that stuff