WTT: Olight S1A


Want to trade my like-new S1A for a real Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA. I said real cause apparently there were some fakes on Amazon. Thanks.

They don’t make that S1A anymore. I use to have one, got rid of it like an idiot. That real ProTac 1L is only $38 on amazon. Snatch that up and you get to keep that great S1A.

The ones off Amazon seem to come in the proper Streamlight pacakagings. Ebay has the same ones as well. I don’t know how much counterfeiting of a $40 light is being done. I know a lot of the higher priced lights from Streamlight and Surefire get ripped off quite a bit.

PM incoming.

Trade pending.

Does this light take 14500?

Alright then. I just don’t want to see you get rid of a really nice light for a 4 year old video on YouTube. I wasn’t able to really find anything but that same guy on any site really. I mean a knock off shows up once in a while but nothing pandemic level or anything.

Good luck in your search sir. If I had one I would have traded you without hesitation.

Thanks Todd.

I just don’t use the S1A. Had it since it first came out, used less than 10 minutes. I guess I don’t like side clicky.