WTTF brass beauty 18650 light

Want: brass beauty


copper s2+
fireflies e01
lumintop fw3a
emisar d4v2
copper s2r baton 2
c8 with upgraded board
acebeam pt40
noctigon k1 w1 cream
lumintop x9l
sand s2+ stuck in 3 mode
YLP panda 3.0r

Not selling anything, trade only.

This is easy. Brass Fireflies PL47mu. SWEEEEEEEET. :heart_eyes:

Edit: Just saw you said 18650 light. PL47 takes both 18650 (w/ adaptor) and 21700 sized batteries.

Edit #2: It’s also 15% off until the 10th, so final price is $63.75. That’s not too shabby at all.

Looking for a single emitter 3000-4500k tint light. Copper preferred.