Wuben A21 Questions

Does anyone have one yet and thoughts?

Same question from me…

Thinking of getting Wuben A21 or Emisar D4S

Would like to know how the beam/output compares plus how quickly each steps down on turbo.


here’s a review by a member named sacrileizei

Thanks red72vw :+1:

Seen the review by sacrileizie & another by Charles Bridgetec (Youtube Link ) but didn’t notice any reference to how quickly the light steps down, would also be good to find out how the manufacturers stated Lumen figures stand up

I got mine and really like it. It is NOT 4200 lumens though. I have compared it to known lights though most have varying reflector sizes. My best guess us around 3500-3600 lumens.

Anyone in the UK looking for one I have mine for sale in the for sale section.

Owners, please check you SOS mode. My Wuben A21 flashes S-O-O instead of S-O-S.

That’s courtesy of Jack Soo, the designer of the A21. He’s such a wiseass…

Wait, really? Or you just making fun of me too? Everyone…

Korean fella?

Nah, that’s a joke. Like the funny kind, only different. :expressionless:

Ok, I'll try here as well.

Did anyone measure the throw for this light??

Mine does double the amount of what the MFG claims.

Yes, I have 1. Did a review of it. Put in section of 18650 lights. No definitive section for 21700 flashlights.


I'll check....

Did you tell those numbers to Wuben? They are exactly same as their specs, and I doubt them.

I do not have calibrated tools to check for specifics. BUT, I tested against lights of similar output, etc…. Came in very close though.

What tools did you use? What lux meter?