WUBEN Flashlight: BIGGEST Giveaway ever.

Review on Amazon. If you wish, you could also post it to BLF. up to you.

Thanks for the suggestion, as said in the post, to like facebook is not a must.

Not familiar with this type of promotion, so I have to ask. After unbiased review, Wuben refunds full price of flashlight to paypal account? And how long does it take Wuben finacial department to issue a refund? Thank You for your time

Within 3 working days after review is posted.

Too many hoops to jump through, if you’re going to do a GIVEAWAY, just GIVE AWAY a light and don’t make us your way of getting advertising and annoying others

THIS is how you do a giveaway

Does the owner of this site ever review these “giveaways”.

This is a heck of a lot of upfront cash when it is all added up.

Nah, bugger that. Having a GAW go on for a month with a one-per-day “Gimme!” to enter again and again gets rather annoying when you get 2500 “entries” by the time it’s all done (and 2450 are by the same core of 20-30 people).

Wouldn’t it be better to just “sign up” — once — and be entered for the GAW? This way you can check a smaller list of entries, have less “voter fraud” (does anyone actually get DQed for having more than one entry per day? does anyone even check?), and it’s just cleaner overall.

If you have to “spend” something (make any purchase, sign up a friend, write a (meaningful) review, etc.), then sure, allow more than one entry. Otherwise, it just seems like a mess.


I’d be willing to give it a go, but I don’t do paypal, so bugger that, too.

If you buy it from Amazon, you can be credited through Amazon, too. I’m not sure why the requirement to use PP.

Btw, it should also be mentioned that you’d likely need to put in a disclaimer to satisfy Amazon rules, something like “I received reimbursement for the full cost of this light in exchange for an honest review, blah blah blah”.

To be fair, though, it’s perfectly reasonable to do a “giveaway” this way. “Here, agree to review this light for us, and we’ll give it to you at no charge.” Quid pro quo, Clarice.

That is no longer allowed at Amazon.

The method OP proposes is a way to kind-of-not-really get around their new rules.

The moment you post a review on Amazon with the disclosure “I received… free…” or “…discount…” you are flagged and will receive a warning email.

Ok im in for the I331

I331 ordered and PM sent thanks

Here’s a fairly concise summarization:

Maybe BLF needs something like that too so Giveaways are just that

WUBEN, would it be possible to update the original post with the amount of remaining pieces that are eligible?

I’m wondering if more people are purchasing the lights than there are pieces available. It’d be bad if some BlF’ers tried to participate and ended up not getting reimbursed. :frowning:

Aha, interesting. I knew they were “cracking down” on that, but didn’t know it’s actually verboten.

Even after the review rules change I still see new items with fake reviews showing up, just that now they instead of saying “I got this light in exchange of my honest…” they say “I bought it from walmart”, I have seen items with verified purchase reviews as low as 1-to-10… until amazon decides to only accept review from verified purchases there is nothing that can be done about it.

Take a look at this USB cable, 22 5-stars reviews, only 2 of which are verified purchases.

It makes great sense for them to promote their product in this fashion as it gets the reviews where people will see them on amazon providing they get away with this tactic! It “attempts” to navigate around false reviews legislation that is presently in effect!

This is equally underhanded as the reviewers are paid to write a good review! I doubt those writing a unfavorable review will have their pay pal reimbursed? Just more false and dishonest advertising at the expense of BLF whatever is left of it’s reputation . Amazing what individuals will consider doing for a flashlight !

New Low here for sure.

My amazon account is more important to me than breaking rules of Amazon and/or jeopardising my account for a free flashlight. But if you have to buy it first with no guarantee of reimbursement, who is to say there are not already 10 others already purchased with the same intentions.

NO thank you.

I honestly do not think this qualifies as a GAW or a contest.

It qualifies as a GAW. (Giveaway your money) haha.!