WUBEN NewProduct review invitation: TL35Pro multifunctional zoomable flashlight

LT35Pro is a multifunctional zoomable flashlight.
Utilized 1* CREE XPL2-V6 LED, powered by 1 pcs 18650 high drain Li-ion battery, it emits 1200 lumens output . Built-in waterproof Micro-USB charging port in the tail,make it possible to charge the battery directly.

Rotate the head of the flashlight to zoom in to floodlight and out to spotlight , and different output for night riding , hiking , camping and other scenarios.

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If you are interested in review, please PM us or send e-mail to info@wubenlight.com

More of a product information question than anything - is this in cool white or neutral? Can’t see mention of it on the product page anywhere. My guess based on the colour of the emitter in the pics is that it’s CW.

Somehow I’ve got it in my mind that I need a zoomie, and I’m trying to find the right one (and making up a spreadsheet as I go)…

I got one of these and was not impressed at all. My Wowtac A3S is a lot better light for the money.

Max of only 10KCd when zoomed??? Sounds like many lights with a generous spill still beat it while being as floody as the unzoomed mode.

Hi Wuben,
I like your lights, but just want to share a thought.

I’ve bought your LT35 recently (not PRO) and I was disappointed with modding ability. LED and driver were potted in some white plastic which I could not get rid of. It was either press fitted or potted but it was solid enough I gave it up. I didn’t want to destroy whole light.
Pity. If not that LT35 would be very interesting host for modding.

Does LT35PRO is built in similar way?

Hey Wuben. I’m a sucker for zoomies and want to give you some feedback…

What I like about the design:

  • charging, still not very common in zoomies

What I don’t like:

  • It’s very bulky.
  • Throw is very bad for a light this large. I suppose that it’s caused by a combination of a floody LED choice and not focusing the lens fully. And overall bulk.
  • Type C port would have been a much better choice.
  • 2600 mAh cell in a not-particularly cheap light? 3500 mAh would make your light only slightly more expensive yet increase runtime by a third. Or you could sell it without a cell, this would be better than 2600 mAh as well.

“Purse Width Modulation” :slight_smile: I like a good zoomie, I just wish I could find a very compact one; but of course the very nature of zoomie anatomy/mechanics makes achieving a compact size more difficult. Zoomie version FWxA anyone?

Interesting. I’m not a zoomie fan, but I like the charging port here (even if it is Micro-USB) because Wuben is clearly claiming it’s waterproof without the rubber cap - the cap just keeps water and dust out of the port so you don’t have issues when charging. This is a critical feature for charging ports that is often overlooked.
The other details? I wouldn’t build a zoomie with a domed LED at all, lol. As pointed out above, it also seems like it may not focus fully, but that’s difficult to discern. And the battery is below expectations.

Thank you for noting that. I agree, it’s a big deal.

I agree. I bought Wuben lights before because they were moddable. I won’t buy any Wuben lights if they are not moddable.