Wuben T70 (Spanish)

Few days ago, Wuben sent to me the T70 as part of his campaign.

At this moment, I have done it in Spanish for lack of time to translate it into English.

I want to thank Wuben publicy for giving to me this opportunity.
If you have any questions, here I am :smiley:

Very nice review! Thanks for taking the time to write it up.

I’m hoping that more XHP70.2 lights find their way to the marketplace. It’s packed with power and with a quality 26650 cell or maybe a trio of 18650 cells, it’ll be reasonably sized for a jacket pocket and really pack a wallop when it comes to lumens.

Thanks for pointing out your stepdown and ramping impressions. I was debating buying a Wuben but decided that it was a bit too pricy for being an impulse buy without any reviews out there. I guess I’ll keep waiting a bit to see if more lights similar to this are developed.

Thank you PBWilson.

The construction of this flashlight is awesome, according to other Wuben products like my L50.

I think their construction quality is higher than many other brands, even high quality and expensive ones

Thanks for the review, the light looks very well made