[Wurkkos Amazon US] 30% off for HD15 /TS21/WK30/TS30S weekly deal

Hi Guys, HD15 all colors available on Amazon now, $30.09 deal price for a full kit with 18650 battery and 18350 short tube included


code: 30IZHD9B

30% off

other deals this week

TS21 30% off $32.19 -30BRUI45


WK30 30% off $27.99 full kit--30F6XZ82


TS30S 35% off $62.39 full kit-- 35LZU2W9


Deal price lower than website and aliexpress

The new color will come with a same color 18350 tube in package

HD15R change one SST20 5000K to SST20 DR-B120-V660, the other is still LH351D 5000K 90CRI, with black and red color $28.99


I must say that ice blue is gorgeous; its one of the nicest blue finishes I’ve seen on a flashlight.

Will you be offering this finish on other lights in the future? Cheers!

Not in the market for this at the moment, just dropping by to say the ice blue looks really nice. I hope to see more of that.

Thank you for including a model with a deep red emitter.

The links don’t take to the new colors or the lights with the extra tube on the webpage. As a matter of fact, webpage explicitly says the other tube is NOT included.

short tube included each color, will update the webpage

Why do you tempt us? If you include that tiny battery, I will lose the $30 :slight_smile:

:smiley: :smiley: Only one battery can be put in each flashlight, in order to enter the Customs more safely

Love the blue thanks for having multiple colors
What’s the ui

I like that blue the best.

Solution is simple, just slap a 5mm LED and 2 cent non-conductive tail cap on the small tube :slight_smile:
I mean don’t you do something similar when somebody purchases raw cells from you aka throw them in cheap zoomies?

Possible to have multiple tints selection for the HD15R? 4000k and 2700k.

The HD15 should have come with 4000k high Cri spot and flood from the beginning. I don’t need any more headlights but if and when it comes with 4000k I’ll be getting a few to give away.

Yeah, good ideal, we also think about HD15 with flood light 5000k and spotlight 2700k

both 4000k or one of it with a lower tint?

I’ve been holding off on the HD15 and HD20 to see if they are going to come in different tints. Really would like 4000k or 2700k. Don’t care much if the flood and spot are mix matched.

We are think about planing

  1. with spot 2700k and flood 5000k
  2. with spot 4000k and flood 4000k
  3. with spot 4000k and flood 5000k

I would definitely buy one of those in an HD15 and different tint in HD20.

How about 2700K for both?