【Wurkkos discount update】40% off for Wurkkos TS22 /TD02 on Amazon.us for full kit

$39.19 for full kit Wurkkos TS22 XHP70.2 Boost driver 4500lm

$17.99 for full kit Wurkkos TD02 now




Simple UI and Tactical Tail Cap

Shopping link: Amazon.com

WK40 clearance now $25.99

【Clearance】Wurkkos WK40 Rechargeable Multicolor Flashlight, 4*LEDs with TIR Optics, Colorful Infinite Gradient, 21700 Battery

Deal of TS21 and HD15 on Amazon.us now

TS21 full kit with 21700 battery included $32.89

HD15 full kit with battery and short tube inluced $27.29 with black, purple and green color for choice


So far I have:
Wurkkos TS30S
Wurkkos DL70
Wurkkos DL70
Wurkkos DL10R
Wurkkos TS10 MAO

I have a Wurkkos FC11 and WK30.

Hope to win the FC13 :smiley:

Just ordered the ts10

Hello Wurkkos! I have many of your lights: TS10, FC11, FC12, TS30, TS30S and the first run TS25. I would love a TS25 with the updated firmware.

Thanks for the GAW opportunity!

I have a TS10 on the way.

I have FC12 in purple color.
But I plan to buy some more FL from your website. :money_mouth_face:

So far I have:

3 x TS 21
1 x TS 10
1 x TS 10 Brass
1 x FC 12
1 x DL07
1 x DL70


Would really like to have the new TS25 and FC13!

I have TS21 and FC11.

Thanks for the GAW!

FC11 (2)
TS21 (2)

Nice lights at sensible prices.

I don’t have one yet, but I need one


I don’t have Wurkkos yet, but I have several Sofirn. I am looking at the TS10 and TS32 as frontrunners for my first Wurkkos! I also just joined the facebook page.

Really like my 2x TS10’s.

Thanks for continuing to produce innovative small lights (AA/14500) and thanks for the give-away.

Thank you for the GAW! both look very nice, the TS25 has my eye.

So far, I have 5 Wurkkos lights.

TS10 (red, silver, MAO)
Like: high CRI + nice tint, compact size, decent output
Dislike: Bare aluminum threads + vertical groves in female threads = not so smooth action, need to apply pressure to the tube to start threading (not as easy to assemble as my other Wurkkos)

TS25 (pre-production)
Like: high CRI + nice tint, powerful, nice smooth threads, USB-C input and output.
Dislike: mine came with defective button, unnecessarily bright aux leds, not so easy to mechanically lock out by turning the head (not much to grip on), protruding button (accidental activation problem), a little worried whether it has safety features for USB-C charging and output (Can the charging current be too high? Is the output stable so that it does not damage connected devices?)

Like: powerful SBT90.2, focused hot spot, nice smooth threads, low power consumption with aux button led on low (0.08mA)
Dislike: No flashing pads. May be heat on turbo? But I rarely use turbo. Even if I do, I use it only briefly so heat is not a major issue.

I am on the fence about purchasing the new TS25…

TS10 - 3 (2 MAO, 1 Brass)
WK01 - 2
WK02 - 1

Atm. I have 2 Wurkkos lights.

TS10 - an amazing cuty.

HD15 - with short tube and magnetic tailcap is my absolute favorite grab-a-light light.
A while ago I had to replace parts of my exhaust air ventilation system in the attic.
A very dark place. No problem: just stick it on any pipe and choose a flood or throw led.