Wurkkos FC11 - can't be turned off sometimes, needs 'reboot'.

I’ve had my Wurkkos FC11 for a couple weeks. It does this thing sometimes when I change modes - the light is unresponsive to button presses. I have to unscrew the tailcap and “reboot” the flashlight.

I captured a video of it doing that. You can hear me clicking the light but nothing happens.


I’m wondering if this is some weird lockout mode with the light on? Or is my light kinda faulty? I haven’t seen it not respond to a button press other than when it’s in this frozen-on state, so I don’t think it’s a mechanical issue with the button itself.

What happens if you do 4 very quick presses in that state?

Looks like a driver fault, contact whoever you purchased it from for a replacement

4 quick presses locks the light when it’s off. But clicking 4 times when on doesn’t seem to do anything. I’ve tried it when it’s frozen like that, but nothing changes.

Well then it’s definitely faulty

Sorry about that issues, i will check the video and update to the engineer to see what is the problem is

Hey, thanks for checking. I’ve had mine since July 29th from Amazon US, so exactly 2 weeks. In that time, I’ve used it almost every day for a little bit. This has happened like maybe 9 or 10 times. Not enough to make me go through the trouble of returning it I guess, but a bit of a nuisance and reliability issue.

I’ve done some basic troubleshooting last weekend, like clean out the contact points on head and tail cap assembly, but it still happened after that. I think most of that time it’s happened when I’m changing modes, which I’m doing a lot because it’s a new light and I’m playing with it.

Is this why the FC11 Amazon product page is gone? Seeing alot of feedback about problems with FC11.

Where’s all the issues you’ve seen?

Mark told me Amazon's robot scan has mistaken FC11 for a pesticide tool.
Now, it needs to be verified for being harmless. :FACEPALM:
It will probably reappear within 3-4 days.