Wurkkos FC11 with 6000K

Good afternoon!

I am looking for a Wurkkos FC11 with 6000K.
I have one with 5000K, but this one is too warm white for the intended purpose.
Maybe someone here can help me.
I come from Germany.
Please excuse my possibly unclean English, because I used a translation software.

Greetings Mario

No. Find something else. There are tons of lights out there with cool white leds. We need to encourage more warm lights. 5000k is not warm. Please explain why you think you need 6000k. No disrespect intended.

Because 5000K is just too warm, too yellow.

how is that no disrespect if you’re asking the man to explain why he THINKS he needs 6000k, thats as patronizing as it gets. this is a personal preference thing, if he already has 5000k, and he feels its too warm, then its too warm, he would like a colder temperature, thats it, theres no need for reasoning or justification. and why do we need to courage more warm lights? if you like them, great, tell that to manufacturers, dont try to change other people’s preferences.

anyway, ignore him, i suggest sc31 pro, its basically like the fc11, but brighter, 6500k

I already have a SC31 Pro. But I would like to have this lamp with the cw Samsung LH351D LED. Unfortunately I can’t find it anywhere, so I’m trying my luck here.

Convoy sells the S2+ with LH351D 5700K, slightly warmer than 6000K and it’s not an FC11 but I thought to mention it.

If you can solder you could drop a colder LH351d in your FC11, although I’m not sure where to source 6000K 90CRI ones. (5700K can be found on convoy store and kaidomain, already reflowed on MCPCBs)

Edit : I didn’t notice this was in the buy/sell section, I’ll be on my way.

oh you want cold AND high cri. hm…im not sure then, sorry

There isn’t one. FC11 comes with high CRI (color rendition idex) emitters and cool white means a lot of blue light which is bad for color rendition. So if you get a different flashlight with higher color temeprature yo’ll get much worse colors.
I can’t imagine conditions where 5000K can be seen as too yellow…

PS. Blue light causes eye damage, the more blue light (=the coooler color temperature) the stronger the negative effect.

ya i kinda agree, im a CW man myself, i order most my lights 6000k-6500k, but i dont think 5000k is too yellow, i can live with 5000k, but probably nothing lower.

Wurkkos sold a version with 6000K for some time. And I would like to have one of these lamps very much.

I remember that, they switched to that when their supply of 5000K LH351D emitters was running low.
But I also recall many people were displeased when they were sent the cooler emitter, and sent it back…good luck tracking one down that someone kept!

Both points are incorrect actually: The FC11 was (and possibly still is) sold with a 5700-6000K 90CRI LH351D. Correlated color temperature and color rendering are independent. Just because a light is higher temp/has more blue spectrum doesn’t mean it can’t be full spectrum and have very accurate color rendition.

Here’s a test of a 6500K Nichia E21A by zak.wilson:

219C, LH351D, Optisolis and others have all been available in 5700K+ and 90+ CRI.

Researchers are still working hard to come up with conclusive answers on when/where/how blue light can be harmful/in what ways/to what extent. Regardless of the results, sunlight happens to have a lot of blue in it so I wouldn’t worry too much about the CCT of your flashlights.

Sunlight has a very balanced spectrum, LED light doesn’t with a massive overrepresentation of blue light. Researches more often than not point to the conclusion that blue light is more or less harmful.

Have you tried messaging sofirn directly if they can work something out? Their customer service has always been reliable for me.

No, I don’t know who I could write to or something

I have one. PM-ed you!

When I’m around LED lighting that can put 100,000 lux over everything outdoors, I’ll be worried. Until then, the amount of blue light your eyes are exposed to from simply stepping outside is orders of magnitude higher than basically any portable flashlight. That doesn’t even begin to cover the well known and documented greatest hazard to eye health from light… UV.

Claiming that a difference of 1000/2000K CCT from one LED to another (the vast majority of warm white LEDs are still blue-pumped after all) is somehow more harmful to your eyes is simply not supported by any scientific consensus and IMO is downright sensationalist… If you’ve followed the studies you surely know that intensity is perhaps the biggest variable in any purported harm that may be possible.

Even if someone was nocturnal and used blackout curtains, sitting in front of a computer or TV screen for an hour or two every day without blue blocker software set to the max is going to cumulatively expose someone’s eyes to more of the potentially unhealthy end of the visible spectrum than occasionally using a flashlight that has a slightly higher CCT.

We have no conclusive literature to say blue light is harmful.

I’m not just saying this because I have a 6000k. I’m a doctor in optometry. If OP doesn’t want my fc11, I’ll happily keep it.

Anecdotally, some of my patients have enjoyed blue light blocking glasses. Whether their relief in headaches, eye pain, etc. is a placebo effect or can be attributed to the glasses in a statistically significant way is yet to be determined.

Is there really no one else who has such a lamp for me ?