Wurkkos FC12: Why It Will Replace My Olight M2R Pro On Duty:

It is hard to overstate how awesome the WK30 is: The primary light is creamy neutral white perfect for close-up and midrange. Floody, good color rendition. Perfect to explore stuff and take pics, make a movie. The UV (now 365NM!) and redlight are very powerful and with a good, floody beam each. All of that is powered from a 26650 cell giving long runtimes. All of it in a very compact and super robust package. And there is a red/white strobe for the child in each of us with the UI as perfect as it gets with a single electronic switch.

The WK30 has a slot in my EDC-backpack and it will go with me everywhere there might be something to discover. The best light for the money, more or less a true must-have.

Thanks for your feedback on that :wink:
Perhaps the smaller body of the SC21 has less space for different (fatter/larger) cables. My RovyVon A23 doesn’t take all cables as well, and also other lights with micro USB, so I asked for that and it’s good that it can be charged by different ones :wink:

Yep. I was able to fully charge a battery in the FC12 with the tail switch in the off position. There’s a PCB visible below the tail spring so clearly not a simple mechanical switch.

Edit: Using an amazon cable, not the included cable. Works fine.

Here is my 3D printed tactical ring for the FC 12:

The ring is designed so you first pull it into the clip and then move it over the battery tube. Screw on the tailcap. If someone would like the stl-file I can share it.

UV makes opossums glow? Very interesting! Is it as creepy-looking as it sounds?

I guess I’ve hesitated to get a UV light because I’m worried I’d somehow inadvertently make my crummy vision even worse. Also, why does this model have no knurling? It looks like a diving light and I’m not a big fan of that look.

Thanks for review. I ordered one. And not be the last.

The white parts of their fur glow pinkish-red, yeh. Got it on video, too.

The WK30? It’s hourglass-shaped, so you ain’t gonna be losing it anytime soon if you grab it around the middle.

I like it. It’s not too “busy”.

You kann still wrap it or ask your grandma to knit something nice for the WK30 :confounded:

UPDATE Here are a few pics showing how my FC12 looks like after many drops to the hard floor and more than a dozen shifts. It has run now for many hours, mostly on medium settings. I also had to use it as searchlight on runaway folks. The range of the light made a difference in the effort. 100% reliable and pleasant to work: It just works, a great tool. BTW: It greatly benefits from the tactical ring at least the way I use it. To my surprise the PLA (+) print does not even break :wink:





Yes, many different colors. And it holds up great. I don’t know if it is a PLA+ variation of PLA but it really does well.

I added a 2mm ZWB2 filter and it fits in the hole.

Hey can I have the file? Thanks.

Thank you. I printed one with your file and it’s solid.

What diameter did you use?
The Ali-Link doesn’t work anymore.

Works for me

US $1.83 8%OFF | 10 * 2.0mm 365nm UV Blacklight Lens Zwb2 UG1 Filter Out Visible Light


Thank you
The shop doesn’t ship to Germany, then Ali shows a blank page.

Thanks for those awesome photos, FC12 now with 30% discount on wurkkos website after code :2022FC1230

Anything for FC11?

Wow thats a great deal, ordered a purple with battery, hard to pass that.