Wurkkos FC12S (side switch version from FC12) what do you think?

Mine arrived in NJ 3 days ago, so it says, but no movement since. Once I get it, will take a look.

Good luck - mine spent 3 days in NJ then went to indiana, then back over to NY.

Why this light is not 21700?
Same story with IF25A. Does not have mechanical swich on tailcap.

Where can I find those reviews?
Is Amazon NL also possible to order from?

Should be here tomorrow - came in to the local P.O. about 2 hours too late for a Saturday delivery...

Agree with you here. Only reason is to keep width and length down for EDC, but then again the design is not optimized for small size.

Too early for reviews, and they didn't have a preview release for reviewers, I guess. Dunno about Amazon NL.

this is a new release model, not have many reviews now, there are some reviews on facebook wurkkos group

I received mine last Friday and tested it over the weekend. I will post a short summary when I’m back home.

Great light all around.

Looking forward to it. My first torch seems te be either the FC11 Ir the FC12

Make the FC11 with a deeper reflector from the FC12 without a rear derailleur!

Here’s a short summary of my first impressions: Wurkkos FC12 first impressions

Poor Dog Eyes

It’s an honor to be the first, thank you

Yes, when use SFT40, a deeper reflector will be needed, the poor is the length longer

Mine arrived. I found a tube light that is actually longer, 138 mm vs 136.5 mm, than the FC12. It's an Eagle Eye X5 on the left:

Also found tailcaps that fit and work, but not the other way around:

This one may be my favorite:

Even an old SWM C20C cap fits:

I do like the beam. As others said because of the deep reflector, the hot spot is well defined, the flood area is small but bright. Also I noticed the lower levels don't have the green effect I see on my custom FET+1 drivers with the SFT-40. For the FET+1's, on the lower channel 7135, there's a noticeable green. Not sure why but must have something to so do with PWM'ing at low amps (0.35 amps). The stock driver on the FC12 doesn't have that effect.

It's funny because the reflector looks designed for a 3535 XP footprint LED. It looks like the reflector is actually sitting on the corners of the LED because the hole is too small, but it works well, appears to be well centered.

Overall now, I'm glad I ordered this light.

I did measure ~6.3 amps on a 30Q and ~7.3 amps on a 25S cell, so it does vary based on resistance of the cell. Not sure, but at least on max/turbo, it may be in full FET mode. Just a spot check on the 30Q had about 1800 lumens at start which probably makes sense from the amp readings. It's a small light so heats up quick at these levels.

Mine didn't come with a manual - hope I can get one to download.

Yes, it is full FET.

Hopefully Wurkkos realizes the color is a big factor in the popularity, despite some UI and length issues :slight_smile:

That purple is a sparkling ano - it's impressive!

No stock black, when do you sell the new colors?

Wurkkos disregard any and all ideas about a side switch working as an on/off switch. Because if you do that, the light loses the ability to be jacket-pocket carried without accidental activation. Or else have a separate model with the side switch as activation switch.