【Wurkkos GAW】Wurkkos New TS22 & WK40 Giveaway-Closed

Hi BLF friends, We will release new model TS22 and WK40 , we would like to giveaway each of one to you for a testing.

TS22 is a single LED version from TS21,:

XHP70.2 LED 4500lm max output

USB C rechargeable & reverse charging 5V 3A ;

Magnet tail cap;

Boost constant current circuit

Reflector: Orange Peel reflector

Dimension: 122mm (length) x 28mm (head diameter)

WK40 is a interesting RGBW multicolor flashlight ,not sure will go mass production or not.

Emitter: white LUMINUS SST20 6000-6500K
Red beam: LUMINUS SST-20-DR-B120-V660
Green beam: LUMINUS SST-10-G-B130-E530
Blue beam: LUMINUS SST-10-B-B130-N450
Buck constant current circuit
Beam angle:125°
Battery options: 1* 21700 Li-Ion battery; 20350 li-Ion battery with short tube
Dimension: 123.3mm (length) x 33mm (head diameter)

USB-C Rechargeable


Giveaway rule is simple, leave a comment with the model you have from Wurkkos or any comment about Wurkkos, we will draw 2 members random to win each flashlight in 5th, AUG. let’s join up!

Any other interest models ,go wurrkos.com now with discount and free shipping.

We updated link for specification reference:


Cool! I have Wurkkos WK01, TS21. Wurkkos is great :slight_smile:


I still dont own any flashlight from your brand.

This could be the chance!

I love the USB charging and the reverse charging of the first one and the RGB function of the second one.

Thanks for the chance!

I have the ts10 and wk02. Like them both!

Hello friends of Wurkkos, as far as the TS22 4500 lumens with Cree XHP70.2 is concerned in such a small host they are an even greater amount of light than necessary, I would have dared a little more and I would have used a nice XHP70.3 that it would have flooded a little less and emitted a few lumens less but I would have significantly gained in throw. As for the WK40 I think you are one of the very few companies to offer an RGB flashlight, you do well because there is certainly a niche in the market ( to tell the truth I don't know how big) left free from the other houses and you go and occupy it.

yes, XHP70.3 going to book some and test it in TS22


sì, XHP70.3 ne prenoterò alcuni e lo testerò in TS22

Thank you very much, I will look forward to your test.

I dont have any wurkkos flaslight but they make really good products.

I only have the HD20. It’s sitting in my toolbox, adjusted to flood light. Fine light for working at cabinets.

I’ve bought and enjoyed quite a few Wurkkos lights, though my most-used one is probably the FC12.
These new models look like interesting additions to the lineup - please continue trying out new ideas!

I’m very happy with my TS21 and FC12.
My family members are also very happy with their FC11’s.

I would love to try out both of these lights. Especially the WK40.
I am not a reviewer though, so I dont know if it makes sense for me to win if thats the point of the giveaway.

BTW, your videos above dont seem to be working.

I would definitely be interested in the WK40. I don’t have any coloured flashlights and the twisty UI is pretty unique and cool. I would be happy to try it out and share some photos.

I have two TS21, one of them is modded with PM1.

yes, XHP70.3 going to book some and test it in TS22

i have the ts21 but i am not very satisfied with this product.

WK40 is interesting. I love my TS10 and WK02 from Wurkkos and I’m going to buy more TS10s. It’s my favourite EDC at the moment.

I own a ts10 I like a lot.

Wow, FC11s, WK30s, etc., usually at least 2-3 of each. :laughing:

Both lights sound pretty awesome. RGBW especially.

I have WK02, FC11 and FC12 and if the TS22 comes with a color temperature around 5000K I would like to get one for testing.