【Wurkkos HD10 update】Design together Wurkkos AA/14500 Light/headlamp-trail production test~

My opinion for the upcoming HD10, it is better to place a magnetic tail than the USB port. The switch usually is place somewhere on the head area. You could provide battery with or without USB port. It’s not a big deal.

I’ve read this “thread” or what it’s called and since I’m still a bit confused on what we’re making is this basically it:

Right angle TS10
RGB aux
Anduril 2
TS10 switch at the top
Magnet in tailcap
Good boost driver with high highs and low lows
14500 battery with usb port or no port?

Is that it, or have I got some things wrong? Personally, as long as it has the first 5 things I listed i’d buy one or two.

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I can’t wait for release!
For me most important is Anduril and compact size / low weight. There is not a lot 14500 angle headlamps in that config.
Also would be nice:

  • AUX
  • dual channel ex. for red LED
  • USB charging
  • AA compatibility (not necessary but nice)

I think this is where Wurkkos+the community have converged, yes.

Yes, this is what we want to achieve, but we may give up some things, at the last

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Hopefully it’s not quality control. I’ve read some disconcerting posts on another forum relative to issues with the TS10 Ti release from a quality standpoint. Primarily the complaints center around poor assembly, but most disheartening are the reports of marked increase of greenish tint in the 4000K version as well as optic height that is creating issues with bezel fit. I have one floating somewhere in the logistics chain so I will reserve judgment until it arrives, but I admit some anxiety with this headlamp project now that folks have shared their issues with the most recent release.

Edit: received the Ti yesterday. My unit is fine construction/cosmetically (maybe just a hair wider head/bezel gap), but there’s a huge difference in CCT and tint of this bin of CSP2323 4000K. If I had to guess, I’d say closer to 4400K and definitely farther above BBL.

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I would like the record to show that we also like efficient switch mode drivers :innocent:
From this point on I would like to not buy any more linear lights. 2023 sounds way past that.

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Hi guys, once give up the USB Charge port, we update this apperance

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I like it! My favorite is B since it doesn’t have as proud of a switch as the A versions.

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Option B is the best: deeper grooves for better heat dissipation.

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Usually they use T shape driver… Star sits not directly on fins . It just imitation off proper design .

So sad you gave up the USB-C charging port… I am missing it on my TS10 already…

For the new design… I like B1 most followed by B

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I like B, but I think A switch is more comfortable (like FC13, TS30S Pro)

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Plain ol’ A.

The rest are too… busy.

A looks great to me.

B - for better heat management!

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I’d choose B - more area for heat dissipation. I also like B type click more.
Shame there won’t be (?) USB-C charging on board. Of course, Wurkkos can include 14500 with USB-C charging - but those cells have 2A continuous discharge rating. In a utility light such as a headlamp - not much of a deal I suppose.

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I vote for the variant B. Also for me the AA Support would be really nice to have!

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I vote for B design. More heat dissipation is always welcomed.

I am completely fine with any other designs, but a protruding switch is a no-no. I much prefer the B switch(normal TS10 switch) style

All the designs look good.

It should fit a headband. Perhaps by having a place to install clip up or clip down.

Oh deep pocket clip would be marvellous.