【Wurkkos HD10 update】First batch of HD10 black available now 4000K&6000K

$21.99 without battery
$23.99 with battery included
The standard accessories include clip/headband/lanyard/user manual/replace orings.

②Here are the purchase links :
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Final price: $21.99~$23.99

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Hi Guys, thanks so much for all Discussion and suggestions here in BLF, we would like to Randomly select 10 people under this topic and send a free one from the trail production for a test.

would you guys take the job? :wink: :wink: :wink:
the trail production will be ready this week

Update design with Type-C charging port

Update 10/10
Hi guys, once give up the USB Charge port, we update this apperance

update 9.23
we draw a new picture of the 14500 headlight, a angle design from TS10
plan to name it HD10.
it may with two version, simple UI and Anduril 2.0 with Aux
the problem now is we would like keep the short size/Length of the HD10, so the USB-C Port and Switch stay together under the cover. how do you think about it?

Dear BLFers, Hope you’re all doing well. we are going to make AA flashlights recently,designed two models, one is a angle headlamp (White+UV) , and the other is 2*AA design.
The Angle one, if with USB C port, then have to only work with 14500 only, to compatible with AA battery, will give up the USB C port.

How do you feel about this design? any suggestion feel free to leave a comment.

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Interesting. But why UV? I’d rather have AA compatible instead of the USB port.

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Nichia 519A 4000K with reflector and 2700K with floody optic. Switch between spot and flood or mix both.

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Totally agree!

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I like both greatly.
The headlamp should be deep red and 519a high cri. Or a spot 519a and throw w1.
Also a1 is my choice.

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Re: headlamp

Multi chemistry makes more sense (without USB charging). I would prefer to see the same CSP 4000K emitters used in the TS10 applied to this design (at least one of the two).

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I like this idea, the triple headlamp would be awesome

Will be nice if it is White+Deep Red LED for Right angle. UV is for me quite pointless in this sort of flashlight.

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I loved Hank’s D2 but it was missing USB C for me. If the dual channel is Anduril 2, and it’s easy for me to swap optics/chips on it (I would put two different 519A chips in it) this would totally replace the D2 for me.

Edit: with RGB aux switch or something, for battery indicator
:End edit

For the 2xAA, please do a variant of the A design or C design. B looks like any other boring light imo. A has a fun bamboo aesthetic, but I actually quite enjoy C

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Unsure if you’ve tried this on a D2 but many find the ramping both throw and CCT together to be nasty. I had to set mine up (4500K DD clear, 2700K DD diffuse) for instant channel switching and single channel turbo because I hated it so much (which turns out is actually nicer)

Part of this is due to the square beam of the DD clear channel, but it would be true even with circular beams imo

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I would prefer the best of both worlds:
Dual chemistry support -if- it comes with a usb-crechargeable 14500 (is it is properly usb pd compliant, so also c-c). Acebeam, lumintop and maker already sell their 14500/aa lights this way, and it really is great.

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For the 2xAA pen like light, I like the A1, B option. If it comes with 14500 then I would prefer USB C, if it doesn’t then I will just use AA and will have no use for USB C.

The headlamp looks nice, I would prefer AA compatible, but using Anduril UI, I do not like the UI of the HD15 at all so the light just sits on a shelf without use. If it doesn’t come with anduril, it would be good to have flashing pads and a compatible MCU (T1616?).

Not sure if it is best to have UV, maybe SST20 deep red is better, it is unusual to have UV in a headlamp especially without a ZWB2 filter to reduce the visible light. I hope white is 519a 5000k, LH351D is ugly green tinted. Another option could be flood-throw, with osram CSLNM1 in reflector and 519a 5000k in TIR.

For the 2AA penlight, the head and body of B are nice with an easy to find side button, but maybe using tailcap from A so it matches.

I would prefer 14500 and AA over usb port.

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on the angle light I would suggest a different pocket clip, and have it attach to the tail end… like this:

imo built in charging, w LiIon Only is most practical. Disposable AA batteries have much lower outputs, I do not use them.

I hightly recommend making the switch button illuminated, as in the Sofirn SC21 Pro… It is very convenient for locating the light in the dark, such as on a nightstand.

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Does that mean that sans tge charge port, it would be dual fuel, run on either 14500 OR AAs?

If so I could live with that… but AA only would be a deal breaker, rather have 14500 and a charge then.

Honestly I cant see why not both duel fuel AND the charge, cant be a space limitation? For safety reasons, why bother? up to the consumer/user to know not to charge alkalines.

On the 2xAA light, I love A, especially A1 in that color, and B is great too, dont think ive ever seen angled/spiral knurl on a light. But I probably wouldn’t ignore C if that was the one.

Anduril2 is preferred, but others are not a deal breaker.

Good timing, I’d been looking for a good side e-switch 2xaa light a couple days ago.

Could the 2xaa light be made duel fuel/ 2x14500 compatible? Lot of voltage on fresh cells, but it would be sweet.

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Just give us a ts10 right angle with dual emitters and rgb auxiliaries.

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Yes like everyone else said uv isnt a great idea. Flood/ throw will be most desirable. Followed by red.

I picked up a second hand d2 and the amount of machining is insane compared to this wurrkos.

Go for usb charging as there aren’t many 14500 lights that offer charging

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Regarding the right angle light, I think 20mm in diameter is too big for a 14500 light. At that point I’d rather it use a 16340 battery and be 16mm shorter.

Is it necessary for it to be that large to fit everything in the head or can it be smaller?

If it stays that size can you make a 16340 tube for it? If you design it without those deep ribs I’m sure it would fit.

Here, here. I started a thread about this a while back.

It seems like a natural progression. There was a poll some time ago nominating the “Best Budget Light of 2022”, and the TS10 was the overwhelming favorite. A right angle headlamp version would be spectacular in my view, aux or no aux.