【Wurkkos HD10 update】First batch of HD10 black available now 4000K&6000K

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Wurkkos, please rosy 3000k for HD10

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You are correct of course, that’s the way Anduril does it.

But if it was just Anduril, we could always change it (it’s opensource after all) – the reason Anduril does it that way AFAIK is a hardware limitation: IIRC, it’s because only one GPIO pin in the AVR MCUs supports ‘hardware-generated’ PWM and this pin is therefore used for the main LEDs; PWM with other pins would need to be generated by the firmware and would therefore impede the MCU from sleeping, as it would have to be ‘awake’ all the time to pulse that pin and therefore consume much more power. So Anduril uses another GPIO pin to select one of two resistors appropriate to the brightness level (either low or high) and that’s why we only have two brightness levels for the AUX LEDs.

Caveat emptor: all this is from memory, so I may well be wrong. If that’s the case, TIA to anyone setting me straight on this.

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