Wurkkos TD01 21700 flashlight kit thrower 1039 Meters with super price $42.39 on Amazon.us

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Wurkkos new thrower 21700 light available on Amazon (US) now. Save 47% off by using 40% copon+7% discount, only $42.39 for a full kit( 5000mah 21700 battery included) after discount,even cheaper than website and aliexpress, leave a comment if you would like a code.

link is : Tactical flashlight TD01

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Nice! Been hearing good things about the value of this light. Always nice to be able to point friends to Amazon (at least initially) to introduce then to what modern lights can do.

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thanks a lot :grinning:

Overall good comments on this model, the Amazon offer looks good.

I need 2 more thrower flashlights. I have several sofirn lights and I would like to add a wurkkos to our inventory. I would love to have a coupon code.

thanks, PM

please send me a code.
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Thanks friend, PM just now

Code, please.

thank you, PM to message already

Code for this light?

This is currently down to $35 (USD) without battery on wurkkos website: https://wurkkos.com/products/wurkkos-td01-powerful-2200lm-1039m-tactical-flashlight.

Making space for the rumored buck driver upgrade, hopefully!