Wurkkos TS11 Quick Demo Video (No Talking)


Excellent work, as always. I see Wurkkos has removed the TS11 from their website. Word I got was they were not anticipating another production run until after CNY. Hope they don’t scrap it. Disappointing to hear about the QC issues though.

I didnt hear about any QC issues. my TS11 seems good so far.
Looks like they sold out, ill probably buy another with the RGB switch in the second run

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I have 2x TS32’s and this TS11 with burnt LEDs due to flux splashes during assembly. A friend reported his Sofirn Q8 Pro had the same problem. Since Wurkkos has their lights built by the Sofirn factory, it’s for both brands.

I’ve been dealing with Sofirn since 2017, as a flashlight company, and they’re great value, but massive issues if you buy enough of them. Ditched Sofirn and Wurkkos after too many QC problems. I mostly stock Convoy now and almost zero issues and returns, maybe 1-2 warranty claims per year. I test out every flashlight before shipping to customers and Convoy is just nothing like Sofirn and Wurkkos.

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That is not something new about Sofirn lights when they launch every new model. Every time there are such of problems with that lights. About Convoy they are great for money also it is easy to disassemble them and if needed to repair them. They are very easy to service.