Wurkkos TS25 pre-production unit review and suggestion + some measurments from a production unit

It only dented the lg battery, all other cells are fine. The lg is very weak. I wondered if under the wurkkos wrap is an lg haha.

But yeah probably lishen or something in the wurkkos.

I add a 3mm countersunk magnet on the lgs now to help stop them deforming

I would not advise putting on a + magnet. If he jumps to the side, it will be fun ...

No battery dent issue with my Production TS25:


Thats why i use countersunk. The contact or spring sits in the dip and keeps it central. I sometimes use a dot of glue on the outer edges.

I only use the LG’s in low power lights now.

I imagine using a cell with the bent cap compressed against the vent could be dangerous too.


Has anyone already removed the domes from 519A in this lantern? It would be interesting to hear an opinion on this particular model: changing the shape of the beam and temperature, and in general - is it worth it. I’m waiting for the arrival, and I’m thinking of decoupling mine myself ... I’ve already looked through all the topics about decoupling 519A, but I didn’t find what it looks like in the 5000K four.

Yes, there are several examples for dedomed 519A in this flashlight. It will get warmer and more throw. Looks good.

Yes, that's what I assumed. The question is how justified it is (I would suggest something warmer than 5000K, but not go below 4000). And at least some examples of the beam. It's just that the process is irreversible, and I would not want to get an unnecessarily yellow beam with an incomprehensible spill.

I have dedomed mine and the temp of the beam is very close to my favorite XP-L HI 4000k. Not too warm or yellow at all and as others have said more focused.

Thank you for reassuring me a little. Would you mind taking a couple of shots of the beam? Maybe on the wall and on the road. I think not only I will be interested.

That battery looks almost new. I can only see slight marking on the positive terminal. Regardless, I guess other people don’t seem to have this problem of dented battery.

I replaced the tail cap with the one from the pre-production unit. Hopefully the battery does not get dented anymore.

I googled “dedomed TS25” and right in the front page I see this reddit post. The images do not seem to show changes in tints, but you can clearly see how more throw it gets after the dedome.

The person who dedomed TS25 in the above link seemed to pry off the dome. I personally think that is the only easy option. If you want more control of the dedome you may consider slicing the dome. However, that would be quite a challenge because threading those small RGB wires and soldering them back seems almost impossible task for me.

Limsup Many thanks.

I thought i saw someone had used a flexible blade to make a U shape cup that fits down into the recess. Not sure he was fully happy with the job though.

Taking it off is not a problem. I'm not sure yet whether it is necessary to make a long-range out of it. From the crooked photos on the wall, it's hard to tell how it will be on the street...

I cannot see any pictures that show the throw… suggest you post them here if they exist. I also cannot find any photos that show the Color change from dedoming.

yes, my TS25 battery looks very clean, after I wiped off the stain from making contact with the button in the driver. FWIW, I do not unscrew the tailcap. When not in use, I unscrew the head, to stop the parasitic drain from the High Aux. So when I want to use the light, I just tighten the head until the Aux turn on. I do not use a lot of force.

agree… the photos I found are useless…

fwiw, if you dedome the 5000K, the color will become Much more Orange and the CCT will drop to about 3600K… so IF you like warm color, dedoming could work for you. otoh, the color change is quite large, if you dont like warm colors, dont dedome.

Maybe at some point somebody will post some good photos of the TS25 domed and dedomed, showing both the change in beam focus, and the change in beam color… but, Im not going to hold my breath… lol…

I dedomed the ts25 I got by popping it off with a sharp pocket knife. Watched some videos and gave it a try as I’ve never done it before. First one came off cleanly with slight pressure. Turned on moonlight and it’s noticeably warmer. Did the opposite side and turned on again then decided to do all. Also took the beaded 60°tir that I had on if25a. Love the tint and floodiness.

Just checked my battery and same as jon wiped and smooth no scratches

The pic I uploaded it white but its actually yellow/orange

dedomed TS25, stock TS25:

more info here

ps, my mistake, that is not a TS25, it is a D4K (carclo quad w 21700, so maybe similar… not sure.) I do not know if the TS25 uses carclo also.

Thanks jon_slider I noticed, but out of courtesy did not respond. But yes, you fixed it. I saw comparison shots on the wall of the TS25 specifically and the difference in hotspot size was significant, definitely not the same as this.