【ツ】Wurkkos TS30 + TS30S Sales Thread - available on wurkkos.com, Amazon & AliExpress

Maybe CC with direct drive like the Noctigon K1 would be good too

Interested in standard TS30S.




I’d prefer a DD Fet driver to reduce costs. I think Wurkkos is going for value here.

So, I talked to Mark about the driver and the strike bezel. Maybe Wurkkos will sell the strike bezel as a separately available accessory. Since the stainless steel bezel is rather expensive in material and manufacturing, selling it separately may have a nice impact on the discounted price, being hopefully even more appealing. Regarding the driver we may need to wait and see what Sofirn's engineering can do and what impact this would have on their pricing calculation. Again, TS30S is meant to be in competition with similar sized lights like Astrolux FT03S, Amutorch XT45.2 or Nightwatch NI40, all using classic FET/DD drivers if I recall correctly.

However, I agree that a CC+DD driver like Noctigon's K1 would be a nice leap ahead. Depending on its thermal characteristics, I suppose 8 amps or maybe a bit less for constant current could be right to drive TS30S on high mode (~ 1.500 - 2.000lm) constantly in brightness until its battery is depleted. But even if it was possible, this would certainly have a significant impact on the price unless Sofirn and Wurkkos had a whole bunch of new flashlights in their pipeline, all using a completely new CC+DD driver developed from scratch. Personally, I don't expect this is the case.

Thank you friend ,I would like do a CC+ DD driver too, however sofirn factory seems a bit embarrassing, will continue to follow up their technical status.
strike bezel if not necessary, will sell it seperately instead of take it as a part of the accessories in box. But I personally think this strainless strike bezel is very nice and characteristic, the real thing looks much more beautiful than the photo :smiley:

Have some first sample batch and the testing result will update soon

Ah, neat. And welcome to the crazy world of open-source software. It’s a good place to be, but there are some important things to understand before selling open-source products.

If Wurkkos wants to sell products using free/open-source software like Anduril, the first step would be to read and understand the license. Also available in several other languages.

I can’t emphasize enough that people need to actually read it. I can help with the understanding part, and answer questions, but there is no substitute for reading the license itself.

The shortest summary I can give is: It can be used for almost any purpose, for free, as long as you make the source code available (also for free). The exact method of making the code available can vary, but the whole point of the license is to make sure everyone can get same rights and resources, including the source code and permission to modify it.

It’s also worth mentioning that “source code” includes all the information necessary to build the exact version shipped on the product. So it is not always sufficient to just publish a link to my repository. Depending on the details, there may be other requirements.

We should be able to work out the details though. It’s usually pretty easy.

Thank you ToyKeeper. As mentioned via PM today, I will get back to Wurkkos to see how they can tie up the loose ends in order to meet Andúril's licensing requirements.

Meanwhile, I have received some intriguing news upon Wurkkos TS30S/TS30R:

Mark has received some prototype testing samples from the factory. The average output measured by Sofirn's calibrated integrating sphere is 5,850 lumens, one sample even clocked 6,020 lumens with the SBT90.2 5.700K. The approximate beam distance will be 825 meters. On a side note, Sofirn's measurements are mostly known to be rather accurate compared to some artificially advertised/increased lumen numbers of competitors. Now, 6,020 lumens out of the SBT90.2 could either mean they got an extremely high flux bin or (more likely) they managed to optimize the current path in a way that far more than only 18A will run through the light. I did ask for measured currents but did not get any numbers yet. I hope to receiving some beamshots, too.

TS30R is still pending for they did not receive any SBT90-R emitters yet. I recommended them to source the R5 bin for this one has the deepest red tint (623nm - 627nm) available. I hope interest in this specific version will still increase to see some nice competition to Acebeam's K30-GT and Astrolux's FT03S using SBT90-R.

Regarding Andúril, I was told that Wurkkos has adopted the latest revision (464.1.20) for Sofirn's SP36 which is only 4 months old. This should hopefully remove all concerns about using an too old revision of ToyKeeper's great UI. However, finetuning and proper (thermal) calibration are important things to consider and I'm confident that Wurkkos will pay attention to it, maybe with professional help from ToyKeeper.

Now, let's take a look at some brand new pictures from the prototype samples:

The SBT90.2 looks well-centered in the smooth reflector. The dust particles in the reflector result from quick assembly and will not appear in the series production, I was told. Wurkkos is torn using a blue or silver colored switch ring. IMHO, the blue ring looks quite appealing and underlines the corporate design of the brand.

TS30S and (above) TS30 (3x SST40 6.000K) with the strike bezel attached. TS30 will be presented separately later on. Please stay tuned. On the right, the tailcap with thick double springs.

Now, here comes the probably most interesting part. If you look at the tailcap you will see rather thick and short double springs to reduce contact resistance and to provide optimal current flow. I asked Wurkkos to check for a direct spring bypass but they fear the soldered bondings might break someday whereas double springs will still be reliable. Looking at the right side you see the driver side where the battery's positive terminal will have contact to a small brass plate. Yes, no springs on this side which is obviously even better to gain high currents. I asked what type of batteries will work and Mark successfully tested both 21700 with raised and flat top working in the TS30S prototype.

Or their integrating sphere isn’t calibrated correctly.

For example the ANSI rating for the IF25 was 2300 lumens and it was only 1600. This has been an issue on almost every model

Earlier models were almost exact or lower to what we tested

Ha, you beat me to this… I was also about to mention the big observed “lumens” discrepancy of the Sofirn IF25 versus its claimed ratings…

Well, that's displeasing... :-( Can you please point me to the thread which deals with this issue on IF25? Anyway, thank you for sharing this information here.

I got no higher than 1650 myself and 910 using only the 2700K

I’d have to retest using a 40T

Ah...Flashoholics's review...thank you. Maybe I can check with Sofirn if they became aware of that problem.

Probably worth being careful with KGT/Flashaholic’s measurements. Not sure if you recall things from a couple years ago with the KGT light box, but long story short, their measurements tend to differ significantly from others here. Maybe there’s someone with a set of maukka’s calibration reference lights?

Then again, anyone with a tube-style integrating device will tend to have higher numbers for throwers, due to the nature of the measurement tool. Accurate measurements are hard.

However, I agree that the numbers given sound a bit high. Available data on the emitter suggests that ~6000 lm is probably unrealistic even for bare-emitter test results, much less out-the-front output.

That’s an unusual revision to use… it only ever existed as an intermediate revision on a dev branch.

The most recent right now is fsm r485. I don’t think it has any major updates which would affect the SP36 though… just an improvement to thermal behavior in r472.

Otherwise, the next major update is Anduril2, which still needs a lot more testing before considering it for production use.

Agreed, the only way to be sure about the actual output is to compare TS30S with some similar lights like FT03S, XT45 II or NI40 in Sofirn's laboratory. Or...we wait for a TS30S prototype to be tested by someone who has both these lights and some tools to measure lux and lumens.

Thanks for the advice. I check with Mark to see how r485 can be implemented. I am not sure if Wurkkos would be willing to test Andúril 2.0 with their TS30S prototypes but maybe this could turn out to be beneficial for both sides. :-)

Yep! Soldered bonding did tear off slowly, bcos of twisting the tailcap frequently…but looking closer, the position of soldered blob are not meant to provide direct contact to battery but to the below of the top level of the spring. Even the solder blob completely eroded but stop at the top of the spring, there will be left some remained solder blob that still attach with the wire below of the spring.

Nevertheless, still not a big deal. Double spring still fav of the mass bcos it look so gripped and modern. People will not get it regard internal resistance anyway.

You want to avoid having a spring bypass, it’s unreliable further down the road