Wurkkos TS30S + monster LED SBT90.2 = $60 4750lm 1km SUPER-Thrower. Comparison w/ TS30S Pro & other lights incl. the :-) insane 13000 lm Nightwatch Valkyrie. (Summary & measurements on P. 1)

  1. Good point, I should have clarified: by shallower I mean the height-to-diameter ratio is smaller. The angles you drew capture exactly why a shallower reflector gives a wider spill. Note that even with the same ratio, spill from a smaller reflector will have a more blurry boundary and thus be seen as slightly wider.
  2. That's exactly what I'm trying to test.

Got it. BTW, could you pls explain where the corona comes from? Reflected is hotspot, unreflected forward is spill, what forms the corona?

Yes the boundary is M21B is larger but only very slightly, like a foot when beamshot is ~20 ft diameter.

I took a picture from edge of spill. I also re-took beamshot to make sure I wasn’t seeing things; the spill of M21E oddly just so dark, consistent with what I see.

Corona comes from partial reflection from the reflector. The hotspot is where the image of the LED fills the whole reflector; the corona is where the image fills part of the reflector, and spill is reflector not contributing.

That weird reflection might explain why M21B has brighter spill. It's actually not a direct reflection from the reflector but a second-order reflection. The M21E's sharp dropoff is completely expected as it has a more intense hotspot.

Thanks. I googled :slight_smile: and found a discussion on corona here Some noob flashaholic question about the flashlight's beam anatomy, which refers to this LED optics in Flashlight, which re-states what you’ve been discussing.

Here are the 2 slides on corona (“coma” on the slide):

And a couple more interesting slides.

I think I understand but pls correct as needed: at same diameter reflector, as depth increases, the spill size becomes smaller, intensity of spill is the same but its proportion of total energy (“light amount”) is less.

At the same time, proportion of energy to hotspot is more. I’d better get this right after all this discussion! :person_facepalming: :slight_smile:

Sorry for OT - I find topics interesting and like to group them together here. Last couple slides & I’m done :+1: :slight_smile: . Light loss from reflector, dome vs no dome, and the important depth/diameter ratio.

Also some great discussion here Flashlight Optics - Dome, Dedoming and Throw

Anyone please chime in and correct as needed.

TS30S is sadly out of production. But… TS30S PRO is coming, “within 1-2 months” per Wurkkos. Hope they don’t screw up a great light and can’t wait to get my hands on the replacement.

I asked if there is going to be an introductory sale and was met with dead silence :money_mouth_face: :smiling_imp: .

I am guessing that everyone agrees that the TS30S Pro will have Anduril 2 and reverse charging capability, most likely. Other than that, what else would they really do? Maybe fix the green tint at low levels? Maybe not. Unleash an even more homicidal murder bezel? Heh. Definitely not. Whatever the case, it ostensibly will be superior to the TS30S. Since that model was sort of a “surprise hit” for Wurkkos — or more appreciated than even expected, at least — it seems highly unlikely that they’d mess with success. That being said, it will be fun to see what they release in a month or so.

Can’t wait to see what they do come up with also, I love my TS30S it’s a great light that always boggles the minds of people who see it in action.

Btw Molicel P45B might be the best battery to squeeze more throw and output from TS30S. If battery is an option for purchase of TS30 Pro, I would opt out of the Wurkkos battery and get this one instead;

I didn’t know but apparently batteries have grades like a,b, etc. based on quality. Supposedly the best “grade A” should be available towards the end of this month. See discussion in thread above.

I only got my TS30S to throw 1 km by using the ultra-high current Nealsgadgets Lishen 2170HP, but its capacity is only 2800 mAh, and it’s not cheap. This P45B hopefully will be a great alternative.

That’s well over half mile. Not bad at all, regardless of the specs.

The fact that Wurkkos won’t share any details about the updated Pro such a short time before it is released might make it feel like a letdown if there isn’t some unexpected, cool improvement beyond reverse charging and Anduril 2. Hope they come through! :+1:

Me too. It really would take special talent to screw this up. Major determinants shouldn’t change much:

  1. LED is the same SBT90.2.
  2. The reflector dimensions I don’t expect changes since they are already “perfect” (I hope Wurkkos agrees).
  3. Anduril 2 shouldn’t change the beam profile.
  4. They had better not change the button since it is among the best in feel and engagement.

Hopefully the button light won’t have that crazy behavior as with TS21. Not sure but thought I read somewhere that the reverse charging has something to do with it.

Fingers crossed for green reflection AR lens. Should help reduce the green tint.

I’m pretty enjoy the beam spots of sample model. I hope TS30S Pro could make all people feel that Wurkkos is keeping progress always :wink:

Oh hi Terry. Didn’t know you are still following this thread :innocent: - thank you for listening.

Can you give us a more concrete release month if no other details? Definitely don’t change the SBT90.2!!

Any updates? Release date? Spec changes?

looks like new tube, rgb button, anduril 2

Niiice! Reflector looks larger maybe?

available to order: