X2000 240 Lumen

It's been a double-good day with the Ultrafire and now the X2000. It seems I don't have good batteries for it, though. I don't have a 14500 and the AAAs I have are a little low. So it's hard to tell if its the batteries or the light not putting out.

240 lumens? Yeah, right. This thing is probably putting out 40 lumens as of now. Very disappointing. I'm going to try and grab a 14500 tomorrow. Can this be expected to boost performance well at all? I have an 18650, but I guess it's not made for that.

There are several variations of the X2000. The ones I have are made for 18650's. Will your 18650 fit the tube? Some previous AAA versions would fit them.

Nope, won't fit. I might could be squeezed, but I wouldn't want to damage the battery or the light. What should performance be like on 3 AAAs?

Should be OK as long as the batteries are decent. The lumen output is not 240. Maybe 180 I think, someone correct me if Im wrong.

If you have a meter or just some wire, you can test out the 18650 w/ contact only.

It won't fry the light?

it shouldnt. 3 aaas is 3.6 to 4.5v depending on type of cells

My big burning question is: Will the 14500 boost performance? Because if fresh AAAs give it this crappy of performance (which I haven't verified is the case yet) and if 14500s don't make a whole world of difference, then it's going back. It's so darn dim it's not even funny. Like maybe 40 lumens, less than a stock 2 D Mag LED from 5 years ago.

Try it with new quality aaa's. If it doesn't improve I wouldn't expect a 14500 to make much difference.

Got a "X2000" Type Flashlight with Q5 Emitter and it pulls out 0.5A on high @ 3x Fully chardged AAA Eneloop 800mAh...

This zoomie thing is okay for AAA and ~7$