Xanes Triple "XM-L T6" Zoomie

Was browsing on Banggood when I found this beauty. Has there ever been a prettier and more practical beam pattern?

Mod it with one red, one green, and one blue emitter.

It has “500Lumnens” :person_facepalming:

it already has 3 Blue :smiley:
Change emitters and a flat glass lens for a Mule. Thats the best I can do.

Oh my! :person_facepalming:

I think the Chinese may have an unofficial competition going: “Build the Worst Ever Flashlight”. I can just imagine someone over there looking at this thing and saying “Right, that’s it. Hold my beer.” :slight_smile:

Thanks for the laugh, Cythras :+1:

I guess XANES got inspired: sipik sk-98 3 xm-l


Cheers ^:)

I wonder how many beers before they merge into one beam. It probably has nice flood anyway.

It’s the latest tactical feature - you turn it on and your adversary thinks there are three people on your side. I can see the commercial now. The atomic tri-beam.

It’s for when you want to light up all the little piggies at the same time!

Version 2 will have a center head that shines where you point it, and a randomly motorised head on each side to make it look like your simulated companions are moving around, zooming in / out, and looking at things independently of you.

Change the emitters to red XPE so you can pretend to be the Predator. :smiling_imp: