This is nice flashlight, very well made, but I struggle to remove driver, any ideas?

Why don’t you unscrew the retaining ring? IMHO this looks like a regular driver mount.
I’m not familiar with this particular model, but if were in your shoes first I’d screw out the “pill” (threaded cylinder in which the driver is placed), then desolder LED leads, then unscrew the retaining ring (you should use some nose-pliers, put them into two bored oposite holes and unscrew the ring). Now the driver should be possible to take out.

I can see the pill has no holes for nose-pliers. If you find difficult to screw in/out the pill you can first unscrew the retaining ring, lift the driver into vertical position (beware of leads still attached to the LED) and put nose pliers into holes through which the leads go the the LED - this means going deeper into pill. On the other side of the pill (where the LED is mounted) there must be two through out holes for two wires (+ and -)

Thank you, missing holes on pill was problem, I don’t want damage threads. Wire holes was great idea. :+1:

Happy if that helped! :beer:

A few pictures, not bad for about 9€ :slight_smile:

small but deep reflector:

SST20 4000K CRI95

8*7135 version, TINY13a (I want to flash it)

Very similar to Convoy S2. Thanks for pictures.

Perhabs even rebranded Convoy S2…

Was going to say that! These S2 shaped tube lights can also be found with other brand’s logos, such as Manta Ray, Utorch, and others. (Well, at least the S2+ shaped have them).
If it has the host quality as Convoy, it may be good, but a better driver won’t hurt :wink:

I only have one S2, with SMO reflector, Osram White flat and Led4Power Driver. A “mini-pocket-thrower-tube-light” :smiley:

Enjoy your light, ajven!

Does this mean that they have a retaining ring that works with a 7135x8 driver? Even Convoy never figured that one out for some reason.

yes, it has

Got this light but with 4x7135 - 1400mA. Was suprised that the MCPCB under the led is ordinary aluminium and not DTP copper.
Your version with 2800mA has DTP board?

It’s visible the white-metal edge of the MCPCB, or is this copper?