Xeno E03 heatsink?

I'm amazed at the output of the E03 with a 14500 on high, especially. Has anyone used thermal paste or aluminum to improve the heat distribution of the E03?

I do not have the Xeno but I do use thermal paste on most of my lights.

The Xeno gets pretty hot very fast on High with a 14500.

That is a good thing...the entire body heating up dissipates the heat faster. I don't think you need to worry about any additional heat sinking.

I also been distracted by my stang . It sucks having multiple adictions…lol what model stang do you own? I have a 09 stang v6…I know don’t laugh. I’m planning to trade for a 5.0 GT soon :slight_smile:

no need to heatsink it.

it's got an integrated design and i've done many runtime tests, see the Xeno E03 thread on this forum.

good luck.

I really like this little light, and wanted to make sure I didn't toast it.

I live in the hometown of Bass Pro, and checked out their (pretty small) LED light collection today. No XML's, all CR123 lights. They had a few Surefires left, but have stopped carrying them because they jumped up 20% or more in price. Who knows how old the batteries were in their floor samples, but this little light outshone them all. The ($11)504b I had with me was also much brighter. A couple had better throw, but just barely. Most of them were over $100.

gen1.3, I have a 2004 V6 40th anniversary edition

and a 2010 supercharged V8 with about $40k in aftermarket stuff on it. Very distracting...

The guy who owned it before me put all the money in it, I bought it with 15,000 miles on it.

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Very nice Troop. You're a lucky guy, I would love a supercharged hooked up V8.