XENO E03 V3 XM-L T6 : GROUP BUY !!!!


I am in touch with Lywin (XENO) for group buy. XENO E03 V3 XM-L T6

Got offer, we have to buy around 50 pieces. price is very attractive..

but they cant send to individual packet but 10 light atone packet, then we can distribute.

(I am trying for 5 light in one packet)

if members are interested , can group by country then we can go ahead.

I have price of each light without shipping, trying to get shipping fee.

please reply if interested with country.



Lithuania : (krikstas)

Scotland : (NeoGeo)

Yep sounds good, I guess we dont have enough guys here from my country :( but anyway: Lithuania (EU)

What we need is a reliable BLF member living in HK who could take the lot but be able to mail the world at very, very low cost.

I would be interested.

yes, I agree with VFMaddict . .....if not then.....

5 X 10 countries .....or some other combination...

if you have any other proposal the let us know.

I have product documentation from Lywin , if someone interested I can send, is it possible to attach pdf file in BLF message?


yeah.. I guess its pretty useless for me in Japan. But its actually pretty cheap to send stuff from here overseas, but that can take another 2-3 weeks depending on where you live. (the cheapest AirMail option so to say)

But then it might not be a good deal anymore.

pity they cant just send it 1 by 1. Saves a lot of trouble for us ;)

still requesting Lywin , with handling fee if they can send us each packet...

I’m definitely interested. 40% off of market depends on market highs or lows. What exactly is the discounted price without shipping right now?


correct, reference http://www.hkequipment.net/?sp=&p=6&cat2=182&cat1=68&cat0=1&id=916&cat1=68&cat0=1&new=&more=&s=e6d2615041b36113e2b306f8da7e67c0&lang=en

I have not disclosed the price as Lywin requested. But I want to disclose the price in the forum. Just wait for a day or so.


I'm interested also depending on final shipped price


It's an interesting idea but maybe not worth the hassle. They're saving on costs at the expense of our convenience when they might as well just make it more like 30% off. If they shipped it for $23 (about 30% off shipped retail price) then you basically arrive at the same total price when is all is said and done, minus the hassle of redistributing.

+1 True that! And at $23 shipped they’d sell well over 100 lights.

But they better figure it out quick so we can grab some Christmas gifts before it's too late!

See.. that's extra sales they could be making if they don't drag their feet. That means they're also getting their product in the hands of more users outside of the flashaholic arena

EDIT: If they ship to my door, put me down for 5

EDIT: Count me out for now. I decided I don't want to fight around with a group buy this close to Christmas.

still checking if they can ship individual packet......till now ready to ship 5 lights per shipping.. so weiser701 , you can get it easily.

If Ric can sell the Balder SE-1 CREE XM-L T6 CW/NW AA/14500 Flashlight for $23 then I do not see a problem for Xeno to sell it at $20 shipped.

Guess that is what it would take to get me to get in on this buy. I get that they are quality lights. I get that they are wonderful on AA. I don't get why people are so taken by this light?

I know if someone puts together the right group buy they will sell a ton. I would likely pick up at least another one as a gift for someone to use with AA.

Frankly I would never pay close to market again for this light. I like 14500 lights for myself and the only thing the Zeno does well on 14500s is be bright. Even an under driven C8 blows that out of the water so what does it get you? I was so disappointed. Low is way to bright and has lousy run time. The heat management is so poor that high is basically unusable for any task that will take more than a minute. My TrustFire R5-A3 is infinitely more useful on 14500s and all I have to sacrifice is clicking through a useless strobe with a tail switch that is a tad mushy. As for durability, only time will tell but could wear them out 2 to 1 for the same price. Guess I just expected more from a light in that price range.

I would like to see a group buy on an EastwardYJ J09, or an R5-A3. Too bad they wouldn't sell nearly as well as a Zeno group buy will.

DD and Summer could do this as a November Groupbuy.

For me it just looks like a well built good quality light and would be I think a level up on my SK68 and Romisen. However your review is putting me off!

40% off usd30 = usd18. hehe...

If the final price (incl. shipping) will be 40% cheaper than competitors

(eg HKE - sells CW v2 model for about $29 at ebay),

I'm interested, possibly for more than one...!