I found XENO G42 reviev and i rly like it.

They guy bought it payed 90$ he bought it from some dude thet is from US.

Anyone has it alredy, or knows where you can buy this light, and they nead to ship it to europe?


Cree XP-G R5 @ 1.5A (High)

420 OTF Lumens (Manufacturer rated)

Mil-spec Type III Hard-Anodized

Large, deep highly polished aluminum reflector

Powered by 1×18650, 1×17670 or 2x CR123 (no RCR123/16340)

Linear LED driver, No PWM

3-Stage driver: High, Medium, Low

Double Gold plated springs (Shock proof)

Tactical Forward clicky switch with silver plated contacts

Brass LED heatsink / driver housing

Size: 6.3″ (160mm) 1.8″ (46.5mm bezel)

Weight: 9oz (256g, w/o battery)

Comes in nice box whit:

Xeno Lanyard made from 550 paracord

Nylon Wrist lanyard

Spare rubber O-rings

Spare forward clicky switch

Survived being driven over by a 1.7 Ton SUV

Waterproof test: Survived 10M pressure test

Anti-roll design

This light can tail stand

Glow ring around the reflector and lens

Silicon rubber glow clicky switch boot

LED Options:

1) XP-G 1B R5 Cool White 6500-7000K

2) XP-G 3C R5 Neutral White 4750-5000K

Hardly falls in my budget category, but http://tacticalhid.info/ has em if you are interested. Not sure about overseas shipping so shoot them an email to be sure.

Looks like they are made here http://www.zhongwin.com/Power/html/?534.html maybe somebody could talk DX or Manafont into carrying them.

That is a good looking light! I wouldn't mind having one of those.

Seems to be a good flashlight and it has no "disco" modes! A beamshot could be helpful.

Lotta money for an XPG powered light.

True that. Looks nice though. Would be much more attractive with a nice neutral XM-L and an appropriate driver, since it should handle the heat rather well with that body. Ah well, enough fantasies.

Expensive yes but damn, it's good looking.


looking at these today and they do have them in neutral xml now.


I still think it’s one of the prettiest lights I’ve ever seen. I want one in neutral really bad!

I emailed Jim@MF to see if he can procure a few of these. seems like they are only being driven at 2 amps though but theyre nice nonetheless. hkequipment has the g42 v2 with the xml u2.

Driven at 2A is good enough for me. Damn I can't stop drooling, its one sexy light. I WANT

Damn - nice looking but exe for an xpg. Would like to see some beamshots of the xml version

I have both Xeno G10 and G42, and they are using XML-U2.

The actual outter box that you'll get is not like what you see on those pictures above.

with its price,I might consider Xeno G10 and G42 as non-budget flashlights.

overall, G42 has a good build quality and finishing. it comes with coated glass lens and GITD oring. 3 modes flashlight. It comes with a smo deep reflector which makes it a good thrower but not as far as UF-C8/980L

My concern is on it's driver. I dont think the driver is capable to draw 2,8 or 3a. Also, the other drawback is you can't remove pocket clip (the manual mentions that you can take out the clip by removing the head, but the problem is how to remove the head??).

No holster included, in fact xeno doesn't even manufactured holster for G42 size, only G10 size holster is available and can be purchase seperately. It's accessories such as holster, bezel are costly. You need to purchase a special tool in order to remove the bezel.

At the end, if you are looking for a good quality build and finishing flashlight, G42 is one of them.

But, if you are looking for bright output flashlight, i would recommend you 980L

I own 2 of the models below the G10 or G42 ..

.the F8 and F9 farka /xeno .

and i also have just bought the new 2011 solarforce l2p and l2t

given my choice i'd take a bat to the solarforce and beat them to death ..these lights have so much more build they make the best solarforce feel like bad ultrafire clones .

I agree with harry ...they aren't over driven .the emphasis is 100% on the build . They are pricey for a reason ...and i knew before I recieved my new solarforce that the bar was already set too high ..Sorry FOY ..Solarforce sucks compared to these ..i can only imagine how much nicer the biggerones G10 G42 are.

ya get whats you pay for .

Solarforce sucks because a $19 L2P doesn't have the quality of a $60 F8? A Fenix LD10 does not suck because it's not as bright as an Olight SR90.

Comparing the F8/F9 to the L2P/L2T . . . interesting.


well, seriously, if talking about details and finishing, i'd say xeno has done pretty good job in these two areas.

If only i could disassemble its head without using special tool, i will definitely replace the driver with 3amp one and remove its pocket clip.



Sorry Foy .. I didn't make it .

19$ is just a L2p host ..you need to add a drop in to it to compare it

the apples and oranges is more like a host and a drop in at 35~40$ compared to a 60$ light

point isn't how good or bad solarforce is

Point is ..how GOOD the xeno is ...

real damn good

So, it cost nearly twice as much . . .

By the way, I'm not mad or offended or . . . anything, really. We're not talking about my sister. The only time Solarforce gives me the time of day is when I pony up full retail for their product but, Solarforce stands on it's own at a given price point. I would hope a $60 light would be better than a $35 knock-off.

Also, for those that may not know; Boaz and Foy are great friends that like to get in each other's chili sometimes.


do you guy know how to remove the clip???

They made an F42 without the pocket clip.

I remember that I paid the same price for a Solarforce L2P + drop-in + lanyard ring + stainless steel bezel than for a Farka F8 G5 that already included a drop-in (3 modes current regulated), a (better than solarforce) lanayrd ring, stainless steel bezel, a short lanyard, a (very nice) long lanyard, spare o-rings, spare clicky.

The built quality of the Xeno drop-in was better than my solarforce drop-ins and the aggressive knurling of the Xeno was better too (but it is a matter of personnal preference). Square threads.

(It was not this bezel ring that was originally delivered with the Farka F8)

Just my 2 cents about price comparison.