XHP50 or XHP70 for a convoy L4 mod?

I’ve always wanted to mod a convoy L4 and now seems to be the right time with these new XHP leds.

I plan to go either XHP50 J2-1A or XHP70 N4-1B, both are CW. I will use the stock driver as contact board and e-switch holder, and stick a BLF DD on top of it, like TOM E has done.

The question now is which one will give me best beam, I’m not really looking for massive output but rather a good throwy profile, without the center cross. Something like a Yezl Y3 with an MT-G2 which gives excellent output and throws well, but it is a bit too large to carry around.

hmm gives me an idea putting XH-P70 into Yezl Y3, care to show me how to put BLF driver onto the old driver?
pic would be excellent :smiley:

Stock LD-34 driver:

Piggyback fet done by Tom E:

Hoop’s version:

There is plenty of room for the driver in the L4 to even stack 7135s. In the Y3 the stock driver will take an MT-G2 with the extension tube, but at only 2.6A it will not properly drive the XHP70. I was about to piggyback a fet driver in the Y3 but I realized the stock driver performs really well, I get about 1800lm and the light doesn’t run hot at all with great runtime from 2x 5200mah 26650.

aaahhh… interesting, thanks… I think I’m going to try installing MT-G2 with extension tube into my Yezl Y3 then, 2.6A should be enough light for walking around even biking at night :smiley:

In regards to the original question, the XHP50 is smaller and will be more throwy, and I beleive it also has smaller gaps between the dies. However, I don’t think it’s a huge improvement over the MTG2 lumens-wise, and the MTG2 has a better beam. I would say stick with the MTG2 for the nice beam, or go for max output with the XHP70.

“The question now is which one will give me best beam”, (MT-G2) I’m not really looking for massive output but rather a good throwy profile” (MT-G2) without the center cross” (MT-G2) Something like a Yezl Y3 with an MT-G2 (BINGO!!!)which gives excellent output and throws well, but it is a bit too large to carry around.”

I know mt-g2 may still be the best choice but I want something different for this mod, and I’m not a really big fan of neutral white tint. I’m going to order a xhp70 and if it doesn’t work on the l4 reflector then It will go into a 18650 ti triedc with a s2+ reflector.

Well, since your question was "which one will give me the best beam" and "I'm not looking for massive output but rather a good throwy profile" I'd say that you're barking up the wrong tree with an XHP70.

I don't understand why the xhp70 doesn't throw. its supposed to be the same surface area of an xml2, and you can get those to throw really well. I hope more people attempt modd geared toward getting an xhp to throw until we figure out what it takes. There HAS GOT to be a way to get way more light downrange than what the overdriven xml2 and xpg2 will do. the xpg2's do throw well but I much prefer the beam from an xml2 like in the super yz because it lights up more of an area further away.

Point intensity is what we care about when we're talking bout throw. We usually push a dedomed XM-L2 to 5A+ to get a good thrower. You would have to push the XHP70 to 5A+ per die to get the same intensity, assuming that you had a clean dedome. That's 10A+ at 6V and a lot of juice.

Then you have the focus problem--the center point you want to focus to doesn't have any light coming from it! So you end up defocusing to get the hole to go away, but really you're hurting the throw. Sure, with a huge reflector and enough sheer output you can make up for some of its non-ideal properties, but really it's just not an optimal emitter for throw no matter how much you try and put a band-aid on it.

I guess the question on my mind then is, is the best band aided beam we can get from an xhp going to stack up to (or be better than) a dedomed xml2 at 5+A?

how much power can two 18650's in series deliver? Is there even a chance to get that much to each die? Heck with run times lol.. I know my batteries can do 9A at 4.2v but is that enough?

Stack up for throw? No. Output? Yes. High output 18650’s can put out 20+ amps per cell.

Now that we finally have a few XHP single cell drivers these days, is there a XHP single cell driver for the L4?

Ideally, I would like to run an XHP50.2 on a single cell with the ability to change modes using either side or tail switch.

What would really be nice is if Convoy made the side switch into a charging port like the BD01 and BD02.