XHP70.2 in a 7mm reflector?

Anyone has an idea whether a XHP70.2 will fit on a reflector that is designed for a 7mm gasket/ has a 7mm opening (for Cree XRE)? If the opening has to be enlarged, what methods are possible?

You will need to enlarge the opening to around 10mm (the diagonal). A hand held reamer is a good tool for this. If you are in the US and near a harbor freight they have stepless tapered drill bits that fit into common screw drivers.

Just be aware that the edge of the XHP70 package under the phosphor is connected to the positive or negative leads and so it is possible to short something if you jam the reflector down wrong.

Reamer can be used to enlarge opening:

I use the reamer from ali and works fine for refl. holes enlarging.

Do I use it from the bottom of the reflector (facing the MCPCB) or the other side (facing the lens) ?

Never reach anything (tool or booger hook) down into the front of a reflector!!!

Also a tip I picked up from Matt (VOB / Adventure Sport Flashlights); when you go to blow the chips and dust away use canned air ALSO FROM THE REAR.

Looking back at what I asked… It seems that working from the bottom of the reflector is a more logical way… I also watched VOB’s video and I remember he said doing so can reduce chances of scratching the reflector.