xhp90 cheap chinese torches

hi guys,new to the forum, been watching mat smith videos on your tube and desided to try mod hack my cheapy flashlight

does anyone know if its possible to use the chinese xhp90 type flashlights as a host

i think its a copy of xanes 1909 or something


its this style

best wishes from finland

If you mod lights you want a well build host that can handle heat. I wouldnt spend to much money on modding something like that light you mentioned. A good starting point is a convoy c8+ or a s2+.

Ok I’ll research into the convoys
Thanks pal

Always good to start with Convoys, it saves you years of struggling with poor designs.

with convoy m3 we can even skip the modding part :smiley:

The M3 isn’t that good. Good quality, very bright but that is very short lived. The temp limit is too low and the brightness drops from 100% to a low 30% without anything in between

just ordered the c8+

but found there was 2 firmware modes
4mode and ramping

i ordered ramping, did i order good ?

what things can i do with the c8+?

thanks so much guys for your input

best wishes from finland!

I bought one of these a few weeks ago from another vendor who claimed he was selling me an XHP90 for $22.00. After receiving it and measuring the LED it only measured 7mm. I cannot find a comparison photo so I don’t know if I was sold an XHP70, SST70 or something else. Tail cap current only measures 1.7volts.

It would be nice to know if I could stack a resistor or two so it doubles as a hand warmer. It has an underutilized AOD480-30V N-Channel MOSFET.

Mine was a fake xhp

It’s something like a 7070 led , not sure the name but it was quiet bright

I measured the power draw from the tail end and it was 4.5 amps

On 2x 26650 battery’s on full power
Low power was less then an amp

wow, xhp 90 is out, this is first i hear about it, i must get out more.
s. i wonder if cree knows they make xhp90 led, cuz it is not anywhere on their site

They are not real Cree

It’s some Chinese knock off that they called a xhp90

They are bright but in zoomables

4chip led

I’ll make some pictures and review or something in the coming days


thanks, i figured that much, looked all over cree sites, found no mention of xhp90.

If Cree launches the XHP90 the chances are high that you will find a thread on BLF first. :wink:

I assume the XHP70 is much more efficient with a better color rendering than all of these 7070 or XHP90 clones.

Yea don’t buy from Brett store on Aliexpress.

Your sarcasm was well received alpg88. As P.T. Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute”. My post here wasn’t my first stroke of ignorance either. I requested a refund from the user on Ebay and included the specifications of 9mm for the ghost Cree XHP90. I included an image of my led with a micrometer display showing 7mm and explained the “XHP90” should measure 9mm. I feel like an idiot however, the good news is that my insistence on the CREE XHP90’s existence won me a refund. you have to fight fire with fire. lol

i was not really sarcastic at first, at first i even thought they really made the led, then i started looking for datasheet, and then i realized it was just a name of none cree led.

Sounds like modding opportunity for me if the driver supports 12v version :wink:

Though the build quality can be a concern.

Heat transfer is bad , it’s aluminium and painted where the pill should be , mods can be done with some major overhaul

Removing the NTC solves that problem


Have a good read before deciding to buy1