XHP's in a Zoomie?

I’m thinking of my next build and I decided to do a zoomie. I’ll be using a real host this time (no custom jobs) and want to jam the most powerful led in there as possible. The host is from mountain electronics and takes a 16mm mcpcb and 17mm driver. It’s single 18650. I’m thinking sst40 at 6A but also thinking of a xhp70.2 or 50.2 with a boost driver. Hmm. Has anyone ever done a zoomie with a multi die led? I’m thinking it will look weird when zoomed in since you basically get a snapshot of the led die and might see the individual dies.

I had UF-1405 (big beast) with XHP50.2.
Very nice, no cross inside beam I was very pleased. BUT: UF-1405 did not zoom it to the very sharp shape of led. Anyway, leaving it a little tiny bit unfocused at the end may be to your liking - it gives you round (or close to round) shape of beam. While you focus the beam to the end you’ll get exact pattern of your LED - then you might get a cross in the middle of square beam pattern.

I have a XHP70.2 in a 2x 26650 host. It gets hot really fast as it is direct drive but is definitely a light with wow-effect. It is a perfectly even flooder and zoomed in capable of 700m throw.
If you want a zoomie with throw you could use a dedomed SST40. Instead of using a boost driver there would be the new 3V XHP50.2.

I forgot about the 3v xhp50.2. Matt Smith reviewed a light with one. He pulled 13A and got 3000lm out of it! I haven’t seen a mcpcb with one reflowed on it thoug.