Xiaomi First Flashlight 18650 240 Lumen

Xiaomi Just release their Flashlight

Powered by built in 18650 3350 mAh, using Lumileds Led. Can use as a power bank.

Control brightnes 11 modes by rotate head

SOS mode

Too bad, there is no cover for usb port.

Damn! It sucks! :FACEPALM:

My guess is it’s of a much better quality than what we’re used to with lights looking like this. I’m interested whether 18650 can be easily replaced, which I can imagine is not the case. And yeah, for me price is too high. Still like it though.

Hmm not sure. I do keep a couple single cell powerbanks around.
I wonder what the usb out charge current cut off is.

Not a bad idea. It’s what you give the wife for her purse or the kids for their phone charging. Plus it’s got a light. It’s a non-flashaholics flashlight. Not so sure it’s for us at $25.99.

It looks exactly like a flashlight Xiaomi would design and manufacture. Not a black, tactical flashaholic design, but more geared towards regular consumers who might see value in the powerbank for their iPhone.

Uses a TIR? nod inderesded.

I would buy it for $10 :slight_smile:

Up to 15$ would still be ok, for gifts !

This is entirely plastic, I mean the head is plastic?

It should be aluminium

I now have seen the other images, it is claimed the body is aluminum alloy, I guess it is painted if it is really aluminum as it does not look like anodizing at all.

Head should be metal. For body can’t tell from pictures, but can be painted metal.
Head looks like their power banks.



Chinese RRP is 79 yuan ($12) so okay for gifts if you can get at retail price …

Gearbest charge $26 because they know international customer cannot buy easily.